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Being a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue brand famous for its top-rated contact lenses got its name from the words “accurate view”. The world-known manufacturer started its way from a tiny Frontier Contact Lens Company in the 1950s that created a branch under Seymour Marco. The company grew up very fast, and in the 70s, the optometrist Marco developed etafilcon A - the innovative material for producing soft lenses. In 1981, Frontier company was sold to J&J, and later it was renamed to the Vistakon brand that continued to develop and pay enormous attention to the production process, improving the lenses’ quality.

Thanks to the SSM (stabilized soft molding) technology, Vistakon renewed and upgraded all its production, and as a result, in 1987, the company Acuvue appeared on the market. It offered contact lenses for 7-days wearing and later became a 1-day wearing lens. It’s possible to choose from a great range from 1-day wear to 14-days wear lenses, including Oasys and Acuvue 2 contacts, or select the Vita lenses that can be worn without problems for a whole month. The brand cares for eye health and comfort and offers the best solutions for any problems with eyesight for people to see the world clearly and feel more comfortable.