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Draper James Glasses and Eyewear

Draper James™ - DJ1002

$107.40 - $111.69

Draper James™ - DJ1006

$90.87 - $95.16

Draper James™ - DJ1007

$90.87 - $95.16

Draper James™ - DJ5001

$115.70 - $119.75

Draper James™ - DJ5002

$129.20 - $134.60

Launched in 2013 by Reese Witherspoon, the brand Draper James is a timeless company with deep Southern roots. The label’s creator celebrated her love and honor to her grandparents and the South, and this is the main reason why she decided to launch her company. Dorothea Draper was a wonderful hostess who cooked a lot of food and took care of their house. William James, Reese’s grandfather, taught her good manners and style because he was a real gentleman. Both grandparents had impeccable taste and always dressed properly and stylishly following the situation.

Draper James 2021 Eyewear

Fashionable clothing and accessories from Draper James are made for modern and individual women who prefer the true Southern style with floral prints, chambray, and gingham. Casual elegance and joyful designs speak from the heart and suit any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe perfectly. The women’s collection offers a wide assortment of different items like jeans, dresses, cardigans, and various types of dresses. Apart from clothing, the brand offers eye-catching collections of bags, belts, eyewear, and other trendy accessories to create a wonderful image for any occasion. Every piece is made to embrace the effortless style and Southern roots of the talented company’s creator.


Reese Witherspoon is a famous American actress who launched her own brand Draper James to honor her grandparents, William James, and Dorothea Draper. Being one of the most popular modern companies with preppy American style, clothes and accessories from this label are adored by many celebrities and bloggers all over the world. Draper James offers fashionable and attractive products for contemporary women who want to emphasize their individuality through stylish clothes and delightful accessories designed by the famous brand. Classic and modern-looking products from Draper James are made for unique and fashion-forward women who want to look perfect every day.

About Draper James

The main goal of Draper James’ company is to bring a fresh and modern, yet timeless and iconic style of South to any wardrobe and home, no matter where the wearer lives. Interesting eyewear collections of this brand reflect its classic style with a touch of a vintage look. But with iconic frames, Draper James also creates attractive and unique spectacles with eye-catching details, impressive patterns, and bright colors. Feminine and graceful, products from this label are made to express the individuality and beauty of every woman who prefers distinctive and charming style, inspired by the talented and passionate creator.


The famous actress Reese Witherspoon launched her own brand to honor her Southern heritage and also her dear grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James who influenced a talented woman a lot. From them, she learned to act and dress like a lady and take pride in her own home. Established in 2013, the brand creates fashionable clothes and accessories for stylish women who prefer to look perfectly, wherever they go. Over the years, many Draper James stores were opened in Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia. In March 2017, the company was voted “Best Shop in Tennessee” by Southern Living, and the same month, Draper James started a partnership with Birchbox.

History of Draper James

In April 2017, the brand partnered with Jack Rogers to create three new styles of classic sandals. In May 2017, Draper James announced their partnership with Net-a-Porter. The timeless and classic style of the label is reflected in every product, including women’s clothing collections, accessories, bags, and trendy eyewear created with meticulous attention and care. Loved by many celebrities, Draper James is a brand that helps every woman to emphasize her femininity, individuality, and impeccable taste. Classic looks and preppy American style will fit any contemporary woman of any age to feel pretty, attractive, and unique.