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Elie Saab Glasses and Eyewear

The history of the brand began in the nineties of the last century, when a little-known Lebanese designer Elie Saab presented his first collection of women's clothing in his native Beirut. The designer's sophisticated look at women's fashion, the combination of historical oriental traditions with modern sharp fashionable solutions, the combination of restraint with wealth and luxury, splendor and extravagance brought the brand incredible demand and popularity.

The brand's collections are shown at fashion shows, invariably attracting a lot of attention and admiration. The richest and most famous fashionistas in the world flaunt in outfits from Elie Saab. The Elie Saab eyewear collection fully reflects the philosophy of the fashion house, which combines sophisticated design and the highest quality craftsmanship, emphasized by intricate details, expensive materials and lightness of shape. The collections are produced in Italy and Japan using the most modern and exclusive technologies.


Elie Saab is a fashionable Lebanese brand that produces Haute Couture luxury clothing and Pret-a-Porter clothing collections. Among other things, the brand specializes in the production of expensive accessories and luxury perfumes. A relatively young company has already managed to gain popularity among world-famous stars. Today, the brand stands in one row with such world giants as Dior and Chanel. The main office of the brand is located in Beirut having also workshops in Paris and Milan. Boutiques of the company are located in more than 50 major cities of the world. By focusing on evening and wedding dresses, the brand creates a unique vision of fashion that has found its fans around the world. Created by Elie Saab, fascinating dresses with their exquisite cut and expensive decor reflect the magnificent designer's ideas in which he combined chic of the west and the subtlety of the east. Wedding and evening dresses are decorated with beads, rich colors, embroidery. They are undoubtedly chosen by confident women who prefer stylish clothes.

The first show of the Elie Saab collection took place in the famous Beirut Casino du Liban and made a stunning sensation. In the nineties, the Lebanese brand manufactured clothing by orders from Switzerland and France, which was considered an unprecedented success for Middle Eastern designers. The brand empire continues to expand to this day. In addition to haute couture clothing, jewelry, accessories and a beauty line, Lebanese designer Elie Saab also designed a series of luxury yachts that was represented by the London-based company Weyves International. Elie Saab collections of eyewear reflect the philosophy of the Fashion House, which combines sophisticated design and the highest craftsmanship, emphasized by complex details and expensive materials. The collections are produced in Italy and Japan using the most modern and exclusive technologies.