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Elie Saab Sunglasses

Seize the opportunity to admire the entire collection of sunglasses for women from the Elie Saab brand whose founder is known for its outstanding haute-couture creations for women. Libanese designer Elie Saab started his way with the opening of his first couture atelier in 1982 and very soon he became a very reputed master of the women's gowns. He was always inspired by women and worked with passion to reveal their natural beauty and elegance. The feminine romantic style of his designs with abundance of encrusted crystals was very attractive for high-class women which famed his name. This allowed him to create a truly global fashion empire with boutiques around the world. The Elie Saab company is also known for production of glasses and sunglasses, bags, shoes, fragrance and jewellery.

The brand specializes in production of trendy, luxury and glamorous sunglasses of unique shapes for very discerning women with the high-fashion tastes. Elie Saab sunglasses are very distinctive because of the wonderful fusion of Middle Eastern and European cultural traditions reflected in exceptional eyewear design. For one who prefers fashionable and originally looking models of all unimaginable shapes, embellished with Swarovski crystals, having precious gold-plated finishing with metal and acetate frames - Elie Saab gives a huge selection of exclusive designs, colors and concepts. With Elie Saab sunglasses you can create a particularly exquisite feminine image and reveal your perfect luxurious style.