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Flexon Sunglasses

In 1988 Marchon introduced its new eyewear brand Flexon with its collection of glasses that have changed the world of eyewear! The frames were constructed from a revolutionary titanium composite material "Flexon," the technologically advanced memory metal with the unique ability to undergo extensive twisting, bending and more and still hold its original shape. It was a real revolution in the industry, since nobody has created such remarkably resistant and flexible frames before. Flexon eyewear has unparalleled technical features such as unbeatable quality, superior durability, lightweight construction and comfortable fit, which makes it a perfect choice for active and forward-minded people.

Besides being incredibly beneficial due to their long-lasting durability, Flexon frames are also modern and stylish glasses, designed to draw attention by the elegance of their architecture, soft colors and rich textures. The Flexon sunglasses collection includes both timeless and modern designs that appeal to men and women, who appreciate sophistication and true artisanship. It is a smart investment considering the fact that you will not have to replace your sunnies for a long time. Flexon doesn’t rest on its laurels and continues incorporating new materials into the eyewear design, proving that the sky's the limit.