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ic! berlin Creations Eyewear Collection

Ic! Berlin™ - Lance

$509.25 - $515.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Aimee

$494.75 - $509.25

Ic! Berlin™ - Thomas A.


$521.00 - $523.75

Ic! Berlin™ - Yulina T.

$509.25 - $523.75

Launched in 1996, ic! berlin creates hand-made eyewear of the highest quality for modern men and women who see the beautiful world through their eyes. The company is headquartered in Germany, Berlin, and has more than 180 artisans, engineers, and eyewear designers to make impressive and fashion-forward eyeglasses and sunglasses. Distinctive and top-rated products from ic! berlin are distributed across 60 countries all over the world. Every frame is made by hand in Berlin from durable and ultra-lightweight materials, including metal, acetate, and titanium of the finest quality. ic! berlin frames are worn by those people who prefer creative and unique eyewear to express their individuality and inner power.

ic! berlin Creations Eyewear Collection

The Creations Collection from ic! berlin features new groundbreaking designs and innovative frames crafted using the latest technologies and following the traditions embedded in the brand's DNA. Every pair of eyewear from the collection is made to grab your attention – with buffalo horn frames, capsule collaborations, and show pieces designed with the original no-screw hinge paired with high-quality titanium, stainless steel, and natural materials to deliver amazing and bold accessories to match the wearer's individual style. Super-comfortable and ultra-lightweight, ic! berlin sunglasses from the Creations Collection are chosen by many celebrities, political leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, etc.

ic! berlin Creations Sunglasses

The model AMG 01 Lamelle from the Creations collection is a frame from the Mercedes-Benz capsule. This square-shaped pair of rimless men's sunglasses is made from a rubber hybrid to deliver a precise fit and unparalleled durability. Sunglasses are introduced in three attractive colors to complete any outfit perfectly. Another man's frame, MB Shield is a futuristic rimless mono lens-shaped model crafted from top-rated metal. Crafted for fashion-forward men, this unique and avant-garde pair of sunglasses will add an individual look to any contemporary outfit as well as protect your eyes from the harmful sun.

ic! berlin Creations Frames

If you are looking for stylish and impressive men's shades, pay attention to the model MB 01. This is a rimless square-shaped frame offered in three various color options to match your taste and outfit. This handmade pair of sunnies will provide excellent protection, unmatched comfort, and excellent fit. For adorers of timeless style, ic! berlin offers MB 02 unisex shades made from sturdy metal and introduced in three different colors to suit any wardrobe. This lightweight handmade spectacle will provide an excellent look and ultimate UV protection. Wear this stunning and ultra-durable frame if you are going to spend a lot of time outside!

MB 03 is another eye-catching men's model in the Creations Collection from ic! berlin. This square-shaped rimless frame crafted from high-quality metal will not leave you unnoticed! Choose from three amazing colors to match your wardrobe and style. Flexible and weightless, these sunglasses are ideal for everyday wearing. Browse the full ic! berlin Creations Collection on EyeOns to get an original pair of eyewear handmade in Berlin by the most experienced artisans. The world-recognized brand uses only premium materials and innovative technologies to design its unique and ultra-durable glasses of unsurpassed quality following the latest fashion trends.