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Oakley Sunglasses for Women

Oakley™ - OO9434

$114.75 - $158.80

Oakley™ - OO4133

$113.26 - $133.64

Oakley™ - OO9320

$81.80 - $186.93

Oakley was born out of James Jannard's passion for motocross – in 1975 he began producing motocross grips from his unique material, Unobtanium. In a short span of time, the brand has grown into an industry leader. Today his company has become a well-known brand of sports equipment, accessories, watches, and, of course, optics For sports professionals, Oakley is the #1 brand. The brand's innovative products are designed for people who are fond of extreme sports and especially motorsports, this is a real outfit for professionals for whom quality is vital. Currently, the production of sunglasses for one of the most important areas of the company. The company also manufactures high-tech goggles, innovative motorcycle helmets, extreme watches, and special clothing for high-risk sports.

Discover a bright collection of Oakley sunglasses for women and find your pair to fit your style and emphasize your inner energy. Whether you are searching for fashionable athletic sunnies for extreme sports, playing golf, or leisure, it’s easy to choose a perfect accessory to match your outfit. Offered in various shapes and styles, these glasses will fit any face shape and satisfy even the most demanded women. And apart from fashionable sporty looks, every pair will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays using the latest technologies of increased contrast and glare reduction. Being an authorized seller, we provide only authentic frames designed by Oakley. Please note that all models from this manufacturer are made from durable and safe materials, in full compliance with international quality and emission standards.

Oakley sunglasses are designed for ladies with an active lifestyle. In Oakley Commit Squared and other models of the brand, you will be comfortable in any situation – morning jogging, tennis court, shopping in the supermarket, barbecue, beach, party and a romantic walk with your loved one. Choose models with a warm shade of lenses to appear younger. For several years in a row, oversize has not gone out of fashion. A woman in big glasses looks mysterious and intriguing. Under the protection of dark lenses, you can closely examine any objects that you would not dare to look at without sunglasses. Plus size accessories not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also the skin around your eyes from premature wrinkles because you don't have to squint. You might like Oakley Radar Pace.

Large size refers only to the shape of the lenses. The rest of the glasses should match the parameters of your face. Too wide frames with long temples will fly off you with any careless movement. The accessory you bought should not create discomfort with excessive pressure in the ears, nose or temples. Parameters can be set on the value scale when searching for the desired model. Also use filters by material, color, frame type and shape, gender and cost. You can choose an Oakley accessory from the collections – Unity, Kokoro, Origins and Ahyris. The 2022, 2021 and 2020 collections are at your service. Look out for models with flexible temple attachments that bend more than 90 degrees. Listen to your heart and mind, and don't trust fashion too much.

The frame should correspond to some feature in appearance. For example, a blue frame, or one with blue accents, will work best with blue eyes. The contour of the frame must be opposite to the contour of your face. Its size should be commensurate with the size of the face. We recommend that those with an oval face wear rectangular, oval, and round frames, as well as Butterflies, Aviators, and Cat-Eyes. An elongated face can be visually shortened with the help of Butterflies, Dragonflies, Aviators, Wayfarers and models with round large lenses. Don't ignore the square frame, which looks great on an oval and elongated face. Sunglasses with a dark tint will help visually stretch the round face. The top line of the frame should match the line of the eyebrows. Maybe Oakley RPM Squared would suit you?

We recommend that you buy sunglasses from trusted brands, as models of unknown origin or fakes can cause you great harm. They don't protect your eyes from UV light properly, and the lenses fall out of the frame after a few hot and sunny days. The inscriptions on the original Oakley lenses are applied exclusively by laser, and the frames are fully tinted. In addition, sports glasses from this manufacturer have an alphanumeric article number. Regardless of the materials used, design and cost, we guarantee the impeccable quality of exclusive products and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Michael Kors, Missoni, Miu Miu, and so on. Search and find accessories of the world's best brands at any time of the day or night.