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Polo Sunglasses for Kids

Since childhood, the founder of the Polo brand, Ralph Lauren, cherished the American dream of a beautiful life, chic things, and a huge fortune. His dream came true. Ralph had no special education as a designer. His first job was as a salesperson in a clothing store, where he became interested in fashion in the process and created his first collection of ties. The wide silk tie, unusual for that time, was a success that inspired Lauren to take out a loan and to found his own brand, Polo Fashion, in 1967. This is how the history of the Ralph Lauren brand began. The main source of inspiration for Ralph was the game of polo, and he strove to ensure that his clothes were luxurious, elite, and intended for the upper class and aristocrats who were usually addicted to that kind of sport. The iconic logo of a polo player on a horse, invented by the designer, remains a symbol of the company today.

Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses are all about quality, style, and innovation. The brand's designers create models of casual style that fit perfectly into any outfit for every day. Aviator-style frames, oval, rectangular - many trendy shapes are produced under the brand's logo for men, women, and kids. The glasses are distinguished by a clear outline and classic color schemes - brown, beige, gray, black. Although kids eyewear collection will delight modern little fashionistas with brighter and more playful shades. Made from quality metals and plastics, the sunglasses meet all safety requirements and provide excellent protection from the sun, adding style to their wearer.

Sunglasses are not a tribute to fashion, but a necessary protection for kids' eyes. It has been proven that forty minutes spent in the bright sun is equal to two hours of watching TV.  Particular attention should be paid to protecting children's eyes from the sun in the first ten years of their life. For an accessory to become an integral part of the image, it must be comfortable and bright. In this case, the sunglasses will please the child, and he or she will not want to part with them on the beach or for a walk. Polo is the brand that will provide your kid with only the best sunglasses because all products are certified and the company has declared itself on the optics market as a reliable manufacturer. It doesn't matter if your child prefers oval, round or square glasses, thanks to the extensive range at EyeOns you will find the right shape for every face.

Your kid will never have to go without his or her favorite design because the sunglasses from Polo are available in numerous designs, whether they're trendy animal prints or solid colors such as black and light or dark brown. High-quality sunglasses from Polo are not only charming accessories, but of course, they serve their purpose. All models are UV tested to protect the eyes from harmful solar radiation. For shatter-proof storage, you also get the sunglasses in a hard-shell spectacle case that protects your child's new favorite accessory on the trip or in a bag. High-quality Polo polarized lenses will reliably protect children's eyes from ultraviolet radiation and glare. In addition, they are shock-resistant and safe during sports games. And if the sunglasses are damaged by a strong blow, fragments are excluded.  The multilayer lens will prevent the young user from squinting and improve the quality of vision in the daytime.

The Polo manufacturer has developed the kids' sunglasses models taking into account all the features of children's eyes and vision. This is not only a comfortable and safe high-quality accessory but also just a bright model that any child will like so much. In order to please the kid, eyewear must be colorful and original. Therefore, almost all sunglasses are made in bright colors and have unusual design details. The material of the eyewear is hypoallergenic, and the lenses are equipped with polarization. They are great to keep on the face of the child, he or she can easily fall asleep and not lose them. With these sunglasses, your kid will definitely be the most stylish. In these models, there are special temples with a grip on the back of the head, which are well fixed and provide complete comfort during active movement. Thanks to excellent quality, you can be sure that your child's eyes will be under reliable protection.

Every year kids' fashion becomes more colorful and diverse. Now, at EyeOns you can find and buy not only children’s but also women's and men's sunglasses of any shape, size, and color, and more recently with bendable temples. Your child will always look the most fashionable with our models. Kid’s sunglasses are not a whim of parents concerned about matching style. To take care of a child's vision, it is necessary to provide high-quality protection for the eyes, that is, to purchase a pair of children's sunglasses - comfortable, safe, and high-quality. Quality sunglasses from Polo have special filters that completely cut off harmful UV rays. In addition, these frames are made of hypoallergenic materials, and the lenses in them are safe for the child in case he or she breaks them. And, most importantly, kid's sunglasses from the Polo brand are a beautiful and convenient accessory that your child will wear with pleasure.