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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Eyewear Collection

What eyewear brand can boast such an iconic history as Ray-Ban? The company was born in the 1920s, at the heart of the American military at a time when military aviation had barely taken off. Fighter pilot Lt. John A. Macready was looking for "panoramic safety" sunglasses. At his request, the New York state eyewear company Bausch & Lomb created a Ray-Ban model that meets his criteria, resistant to fog, and is capable of filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays. The company was not satisfied with any model that is repeated every year: the brand knew how to redefine itself and always offer its customers more. But in all its collections, Ray-Ban does not abandon the same identity inspired by the aesthetics of mythical America. Updated vintage models, references from old Hollywood, and important references appeal to each new generation of customers.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Eyewear Collection

Acquired by the Italian group Luxottica, Ray-Ban benefits from the manufacturer's expertise to innovate in materials and construction. With the key to light and strong frames, the brand is ready to face the years without going out of fashion. Having become an iconic trademark, Ray-Ban is not content with just reinterpreting its already legendary models, it also constantly updates its range and sets trends. Brand sunglasses and eyeglasses are presented in many interpretations, combining the modernity of the frame with the efficiency of the lenses. And Ray-Ban affirms its identity with its bold Clubmaster collection, where the brand supports a state of mind, as well as energy and attitude because wearing Ray-Ban means "believing in yourself", asserting your identity by expressing your belonging to the community. For the iconic brand, it's not about separating style and function, it's about following the latest trends while remaining tirelessly symbolic.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Inspired by the Browline shape, the Clubmaster appeared in the 80s. Ray-Ban took advantage of popular demand to create their own frames. Then the success was overwhelming, and very quickly the Clubmaster became the favorite model after the Wayfarer and the Aviator. Thirty years later, these frames are still in fashion, as evidenced by their appearance on small and big screens. The front line of the frame is characterized by a much thicker upper part than the lower part. This model experienced its moments of glory in the 1950s and accounted for half of the sales at that time. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, its popularity declined as it came to be associated with power and the establishment. In the late 70s, this model came back into fashion. Although Ray-Ban already dominated the optical market at the time, they soon developed their own version, and thus the Ray-Ban Clubmaster model was born.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Frames

In addition to the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 model, there are many other variations of styles and colors. Here are some examples: Clubmaster Metal RB3716, Clubmaster Folding RB2176, Clubround RB4246, and New Clubmaster RB4416. They are perfect for both men and women who want to add a bit of retro to their look. For all the years of its existence, the brand has never stopped updating its classics, restoring its icons, and never losing its soul. Never losing sight of their classic iconic style, thus inscribing them into eternity. Despite this, trends and looks have constantly changed, but the brilliance of Ray-Ban has never dimmed. On the contrary, the brand was a fashion provocateur, a star among the sunglasses of the biggest stars.

Cool, a symbol of freedom, young, modern, transgenerational, even beyond the boundaries of genres, resistant to time itself - Ray-Ban is more than a brand, it's a state of mind. There are a large number of qualifications that go equally well with Ray-Ban. The brand was able to impose itself and convey to those who choose its culture, identity, and especially strong power. Authenticity is the center of their image, and thanks to this, eyewear owners discover themselves and confirm their identity. Ray-Ban is a creator of legends but at the same time an exceptional community. It is a company with a rich history and strong values that has proved to be unifying and innovative in its own way. Each release of a new collection of this world-famous brand causes a frenzy among fashionistas, and the Clubmaster was no exception. Have you still not found the model that amazed you? Then take a look at other lines of the popular American brand, including The Timeless, Burbank, Bill, Nomad, and Justin eyewear collections to find the perfect product.