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Saks Fifth Avenue Glasses and Eyewear

The Saks Fifth Avenue has long become synonymous with prestige, great taste, luxury and high fashion. The first flagship store was opened in New York in 1924 on 5th Avenue and occupied an entire eight-story building having become a trade symbol of the metropolis. 

The department store offered the finest quality clothing for men and women, as well as an unusual customer service program. Over the long period of its existence, Saks Fifth Avenue has gained a reputation as an authoritative company that carefully selects products for its customers, guided by many years of experience, tradition and impeccable understanding of taste and elegance. Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue, the world first recognized and appreciated the work of many talented fashion designers, including Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Donna Karan, and many others. Whole dynasties of the most discerning buyers: famous businessmen and politicians, show business stars, outstanding athletes and simply rich and famous people choose Saks Fifth Avenue stores to replenish their wardrobe and decorate the interiors of their homes.


The story of the brand began more than a hundred years ago, when its founder Andrew Saks located his store in the most prestigious area of  New York. Today, it is a huge company that occupies a seven-story building. Its branches and boutiques are scattered throughout the States, Europe and Asia. The range and quality of services provided by Saks Fifth Avenue always fully comply with the standards of a chain of stores in America, but taking into account local tastes and preferences. Always keeping up with the times, and providing an opportunity for everyone to buy designer items, the company also develops and improves its online store, where anyone can easily make luxury purchases without leaving a home chair.

The multi-brand store offers its customers unique, fashionable solutions from famous and upcoming designers in Europe and America, as well as the latest collections of women's and men's clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, bags, perfumes, children's clothing, lingerie and home furnishings. Popular for decades, the brand has created its line of ladies' eyewear, which is created with the latest fashion trends and the latest innovations in materials, workmanship and finishes.


Saks Fifth Avenue is the successor to the business founded by Andrew Saks under the name Saks & Company. Actually, Saks Fifth Avenue was created by Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel, who owned stores on 34th Street in New York. They both decided to create a store that would embody fashion and luxury living. The company soon became the benchmark for taste and elegance, with the best quality products for men and women and a focus on customer service.

From its inception, Saks Fifth Avenue has been a bold undertaking as at that time, luxury items were sold exclusively in small boutiques. Saks Fifth Avenue took over an entire city block. No other store was so close to New York's new elite. The store doors first opened on September 15, 1924, and the first item to leave the store was a silk top hat shipped to President Calvin Coolidge.

Today Saks Fifth Avenue is more than a world-famous retail chain, more than an international authority in the fashion world. Saks Fifth Avenue store is a cultural phenomenon, it is history and traditions tested by time. This is a famous brand that managed to survive the most difficult periods of the twentieth century and to this day is the embodiment of quality, exclusivity and values that only get stronger over the years.