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Tiffany Square Eyeglasses

Tiffany™ - TF1135

$176.37 - $193.21

Tiffany™ - TF2097

$136.67 - $256.00

Tiffany™ - TF2109HB

$165.61 - $181.36

Tiffany™ - TF2160B

$179.87 - $354.00

Tiffany™ - TF2168

$122.37 - $285.00

Tiffany™ - TF2175

$136.08 - $250.00

Tiffany™ - TF2177

$137.29 - $311.00

Tiffany™ - TF2177F

$137.29 - $311.00

Tiffany™ - TF2194

$162.01 - $181.36

Tiffany™ - TF2197F

$169.06 - $181.36

Tiffany™ - TF2199B

$187.26 - $197.55

Tiffany™ - TF2199BF

$187.26 - $197.55

In 1837, in New York, 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany and 17-year-old John Young presented a store of stationery and fancy articles on Broadway. $ 4.98 - Tiffany's financial history begins with such a profit on the first day of trading. Today, the income of the fashion jewelry house is estimated at billions of dollars. Soon, a shop for young entrepreneurs named Tiffany & Young was replenished with various jewelry, crystal, porcelain, and silver. In the same year, a box of the original turquoise shade - Tiffany Blue Box was created for packaging products, and in 1845 the first catalog of the Tiffany brand was released, which is still traditionally produced today and contains the best jewelry collections created by designers over the years.

Products from Tiffany have always been very popular among the representatives of the highest authorities and the aristocracy, and nowadays celebrities flaunt the jewelry and accessories of the brand at prestigious events. The brand's eyeglasses are one of the coveted wardrobe items for modern women. Made of first-rate metal and acetate, the models are prized for their lightness and comfort, as well as unique designs that echo the motives of Tiffany's stunning jewelry pieces. A variety of shapes, such as square, oversized, butterfly, gracefully designed temples, luxurious colors - all this attracts fashionistas who want to add timeless luxury to their life.