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Eyeglasses 64mm Lens

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Many people use their eyeglasses to navigate the world around them. However, eyeglasses also serve as a fashion accessory and help people express their individual style. In our virtual shop, you’ll find a variety of stylish eyeglasses from top brands. The only big question that can arise is: “Which size to choose?” Of course, eyeglass frames are not one-size-fits-all. If you’re new to glasses, it’s essential to understand the numbers on the frames, what they indicate and how to measure your face for frames. If you already have a pair of old glasses, the answer is simple: check the tiny numbers stamped on the inside. 

As a rule, there are three numbers used to indicate the size of glasses. The first two-digit number is the lens width, aka eye size; the second number describes the bridge size; in other words, it is the distance between the lenses. The third number stands for the length of temples. Your glasses should always feel comfortable on your face; they should be neither too loose, nor too tight. In fact, the lens width is the most important measurement to make sure your frames fit just right. Although the lens width of 64 mm is not the most common, we do have a large choice of 64 mm eyeglasses that will best complement your look. Here you’ll find hundreds of top-notch eyeglasses that combine excellent quality with precise craftsmanship and exquisite design, making you stand out from the crowd.