April 18, 2024
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Reviving Retro: J.F. Rey’s 1985 Eyewear Collection

4 min read February 22, 2024 Jennifer Sikorski

The nostalgia-fueled revival of retro style has been going strong in recent years. Iconic trends from past decades continue to make contemporary comebacks in fashion. Joining this movement is the renowned Parisian eyewear brand J.F. Rey and their creation of the label’s hit 1985 collection. Founded in the 1990s, J.F. Rey holds an esteemed reputation in eyewear with their handmade acetate frames, which fuse Parisian elegance and bold creativity. The release of their 1985 capsule pays homage to both the heritage of the brand and the decade that solidified their signature aesthetic.

The mid-1980s were a vibrant era defined by exaggerated silhouettes, colorful prints, and larger-than-life accessories. The oversized angular shapes that dominated eyewear mirrored the audacious energy of the time. J.F. Rey’s retro-futuristic designs captured the avant-garde spirit, propelling the brand into notoriety. In reviving styles from the ’80s, J.F. Rey mimicked every facet in painstaking accuracy, down to the JF insignia and hinge components. The striking geometric shapes, angular brow lines, and accent colors resurrect the bold ingenuity that dazzled a decade. While incorporating modern lens technology, each handmade frame maintains textural intricacies true to its origins.

J.F. Rey's instagram image
"Our PETITE darlings, always at the service of the finest faces! The J.F.REY signature with a distinctive hint of fantasy."

In creating its 1985 collection, J.F. Rey implemented modern techniques and innovations while preserving the original handcrafted appearance. The updated frames feature lighter materials, such as high-quality acetate, for enhanced durability and wearability. Leaning into current gender-neutral trends, J.F. Rey adapted their vintage oversized frames to compliment a range of face shapes. While staying faithful to traditional angular lines and retro flare accents and resized proportions deliver optimal everyday functionality – setting the contemporary release apart from strictly vintage editions.

1985 collection

J.F. Rey’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression shines through in every aspect of their eyewear designs. With a dedication to celebrating individuality, their collections offer a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes to suit diverse tastes and personalities. Whether it’s bold, statement-making frames or subtle, understated designs, J.F. Rey ensures that everyone can find eyewear that speaks to their unique sense of style. Beyond aesthetics, their inclusive approach extends to considerations of fit and comfort, recognizing that eyewear should not only look good but also feel good.

PETITE collection

Looking ahead, the potential for future collaborations, expansions, and innovations in J.F. Rey’s retro-inspired eyewear offerings is vast. Given the brand’s track record of innovation and creativity, it’s conceivable that they will continue to push the envelope by collaborating with other fashion houses, artists, or influencers to bring fresh perspectives to their designs. By staying true to its ethos of blending tradition with innovation, J.F. Rey is poised to remain a trailblazer in the eyewear industry, continually redefining what it means to be stylish and sophisticated in a rapidly evolving fashion landscape.


Handcrafted from high-quality Italian acetate, these square-shaped frames epitomize retro-chic femininity. The Alaska silhouette features a thick angular browline and subtly curved lower frame in a flattering mid-scale fit. Drawing inspiration from patterns of the ’80s, the three colorway options incorporate vibrant floral motifs and tweed textures reminiscent of the era’s daring prints. The green floral variation combines a dark forest green base with lighter green floral accents, accompanied by translucent azure shades. The green tweed/blue style features a mottle tweed front in olive green and brown tones paired with opaque blue temples. For a more neutral take, the hazelnut and green mint colorway offers a rich tortoiseshell pattern on the front alongside pale green mint arms. These Made-in-France glasses promise durability and sophisticated design synonymous with the Parisian brand’s legacy.


Arizona is a versatile unisex option that seamlessly blends contemporary style with timeless sophistication. Available in a range of captivating color options, including Black/Pink Gradient, Green Peacock/Turquoise, and Pink/Blue Confetti, the Arizona model embodies a fusion of boldness and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these frames exude quality and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and comfort for everyday wear. The sleek design features a harmonious balance of modern aesthetics and classic appeal, making the Arizona model a standout choice for those seeking eyewear that transcends trends. Whether making a statement with vibrant hues or opting for understated elegance, the J.F. Rey Arizona eyewear model offers a versatile and fashion-forward option for individuals looking to confidently express their unique personalities.

With the introduction of their 1985 eyewear collection, J.F. Rey not only paid homage to the rich heritage of the brand but also redefined retro-inspired fashion for a contemporary audience. It extended beyond mere nostalgia, influencing trends and inspiring other designers to explore retro aesthetics in their own work.