March 21, 2023
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Carrera Most Popular Sunglasses for 2021

4 min readJuly 7, 2021Ashley Miller

The history of the Carrera brand is linked with sports, or rather, with car racing. The legendary high-risk race La Carrera Panamericana, a test of endurance for many famous racers, was organized in 1950 to celebrate the opening of the Pan American Highway. Hundreds of pilots and navigators took part in this competition, attracted by the opportunity to compete for a substantial fee.

The track with a total length of more than three thousand kilometers was a real challenge for the brave: tropical heat with large fluctuations in air temperature and humidity, strong winds, elevation changes of the highway, which went from sea level and climbed to a height of three thousand meters, abrasive road surface with an admixture of volcanic ash eating tires. The average speed of the cars reached 160 km/h, despite the fact that the track was full of sharp turns in mountainous areas.

In 1955, the era of the Carrera Panamerican ended – the Mexican authorities banned the race for safety reasons. But then another era began – the era of the Carrera brand, which got its name in honor of the famous race. Austrian founder Wilhelm Anger was one of those adventurers who preferred risk to a relaxed lifestyle. Steep turns, whistling wind at breakneck speed, overcoming fears, and going beyond the limits of possibilities – all this lies at the heart of the Carrera brand, and a passion for cars and breathtaking racing has become an integral part of its identity.

Carrera’s ultra-modern sunglasses and frames ideally combine unsurpassed technical innovation with striking, eye-catching designs and the brand’s core philosophy of leading and following its own rules. The unique material Optyl, with its ability to adapt to the shape of the face, is used in all lines of the brand. The advanced production technologies applied by the Italian manufacturer Safilo, the use of superb most comfortable materials determine the outstanding quality, which is inherent only in the premium segment of optics. Safety, technical excellence, unusual design solutions, catchy colors, dynamic modern shapes – all this is perfectly combined in the Carrera optics.

Carrera 2021 Spring / Summer Eyewear Collection is a designer result of seeking new solutions and reaching a new level of excellence. Carrera sunglasses appeal to bright multifaceted personalities who strive to use their capabilities to the fullest and know how to enjoy the moment no matter what.

Glory II

These unisex sunglasses from the Flag Lab collection are one of the greatest examples of Carrera’s unique aesthetic. The oversized full-rim model features a spectacular navigator frame decorated with the brand’s iconic Flag stripe on the top bar. These statement-making sunglasses are offered in five stunning colors to create an absolutely cool look.

Epica II

This oversized shield-style frame is specially designed for maximum comfort and total UV protection. Each element of these sunglasses has been thought out to the tiniest detail such as the sleek acetate-tipped metal temples, distinctive leather trim with the engraved “C” on the nose bridge, and logo lettering on the left lens and temples. This model comes with an additional lens in a different color, which can be easily replaced by pressing the metal button in the center of the frame. The metal elements on the sides of the lens are also functional.

Hyperfit 19 / S

This oval-shaped model from the Active Collection features and innovative rubber hinges to maintain a strong and flexible fit for maximum comfort. Designed to be wrapped around your neck when not in use, these sunglasses are a perfect accessory for people who are always on the move.

Changer 65

This pilot-shaped model is the perfect complement to the image of today’s dynamic people who boldly express their individuality. Crafted from a lightweight and flexible material, it features interchangeable lenses and looks amazing with all the signature details such as the iconic “C” on the nose bridge and the Carrera logo engraved on the temples.

Stunning Carrera’s sunglasses and optical frames from the SS21 eyewear collection showcase excellence in detail and the unmistakable creative signature of the legendary brand.