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Carrera Glasses and Eyewear

Carrera™ - 1044/S

$195.00 - $225.00

Carrera™ - CARDUC 003/S

$125.00 - $155.00

Carrera™ - 273/S

$195.00 - $235.00

Carrera™ - SPEEDWAY/N


$84.08 - $195.00

Carrera™ - 274/S


$180.00 - $220.00

Carrera™ - 22/N


$170.00 - $195.00

Carrera™ - 278/S


$150.00 - $180.00

Carrera™ - 256/S

$170.00 - $195.00

Carrera™ - 229/S


$80.08 - $160.00

Carrera is one of the top brands in sporty and high-end luxury accessories, known for its technical innovations, excellent craftsmanship, ultra-lightweight and scratch-resistant materials used to create stylish sunglasses with striking design, and comfortable optical frames for everyday wearing. The initial specialization of the company was precisely ski paraphernalia - helmets, masks, sports goggles that combined the look of extreme motorsports with functionality. Firstly designed by Austrian Wilhelm Anger for racing drivers, the stylish Carrera sunglasses have become a sought-after fashion accessory for anyone who loves sporty chic, and the brand's first prescription frames were launched in 1981.

Versatile, practical, and 100% UV-resistant, Carrera sunglasses have been created by the renowned leader in eyewear, the Italian company Safilo, since 1996. When designing frames, the brand focuses on the safety and convenience of its products. The desired effect is achieved using modern technology. The company has patented the hypoallergenic material Optyl, which is distinguished by flexibility and lightness combined with strength. It is after the invention of this innovative material, with its flexibility, lightweight, and hypoallergenic properties, the brand portfolio was replenished with urban sunglasses and eyeglasses for everyday use, as well as with improved sport models.

Carrera - Product Stories 2021

Frames made of the exclusive material were much more weightless than previous versions and had the Flexolite memory effect: when the product was deformed, it could be heated with a hairdryer to 100 degrees and the previous shape could be restored. Frames made from Optyl have the ability to adapt to the shape of their wearer's face. Thus, Carrera glasses fit perfectly, do not fall off, do not slip due to the special coating. Most of the brand's frames are made from this amazing material or from sleek, indestructible ruthenium metal. Today the brand remains committed to using technologically advanced materials such as durable injection-molded polyamide, first-class plastic, acetate, stainless steel, and titanium.

The Carrera bright palette and striking designs have an unparalleled fashion aesthetic. Carrera frames are trendy, bold, and extraordinary in design. In the newest Carrera collection, the latest modern trends are surprisingly combined with retro influences, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the products. The brand has its own recognizable style: the legendary Aviators Carrera Champion and Carrera 89, as well as the Wayfarer model Carrera 6000, have become iconic and have stood the test of time in both fashion and construction. The range of the brand also includes square, oval, round shapes, as well as futuristic shield and wraparound frames. Carrera eyewear pieces are perfectly suitable for people whose self-confidence and vitality are part of their personality and philosophy of life.


Carrera is the very famous eyewear brand which stays more than fifty years at the top of the sports glasses world. Company's founder was Wilhelm Anger, a big fan of sports cars and high speeds. He titled the company being very inspired by trans-Latin American car racing, Carrera Panamericana - one of the longest, most thrilling, challenging and deadly car racing for hotheads. Company's philosophy is to live on all cylinders, to take risks and to get reward for all it's worth, to catch opportunities and to use the most of them. This is right whether for sport competitions or for every aspect of life. At the dawn of the company, Carrera was devoted to sportswear production, being involved in designing protective eyewear - ski masks, helmets and goggles for motorcyclists.

Carrera Eyewear

The most important and significant for Carrera was the invention of ‘Optyl’ - hypoallergenic, low weight and flexible plastic material, very comfortable and having the ability to adapt to the wearer's face shape. Over the next years the brand dynamically evolved, employing the highest innovative technologies in design of new lines of sports glasses. It launched new models of eyeglasses, including the prescription frames, and relaunched old iconic style sunglasses. During the whole period of Carrera's existence, the company was actively involved in the world of sport, taking part as a sponsor of many sport events and championships and being the leading company in production of high-quality ski, cycling and motorcycling goggles, masks and helmets. Carrera's products are for active men and women who don't hesitate to take from life what they need, who are ready to experiment and to achieve the result in everyday's competitions.


The beginning of the history of the Italian brand Carrera takes us back to 1956, when the Austrian manufacturer of sports glasses Wilhelm Anger founded the brand, which was later destined to become an icon of style and design, as well as a leader in the production of high-quality and ultra-modern glasses. Wilhelm was a passionate racing fan, and this was reflected in the design in various collections of fashion sunglasses and sports accessories. The brand got its name in honor of the legendary race “Carrera Panamericana”, one of the most famous races in Latin America at that time. This dangerous race stretched from the United States border to Guatemala, with a total length of more than 3000 kilometers.

Carrera Frames

From then until today, the brand's passion for cars and breathtaking racing has become a part and heart of the brand. The expansion of production soon began, and the company in addition to protective glasses began to produce motorcycle helmets and ski masks. In 1964, Anger invented and patented Optyl, a revolutionary new, hypoallergenic material almost 2 times lighter than ordinary acetate and possessing an amazing memory effect, elasticity and comfort. A line of sunglasses has appeared. Professional athletes and ordinary customers immediately appreciated the extraordinary bright design, excellent quality and practicality of the glasses. With the creation of new exclusive styles, Carrera has expanded its fan following and has become a favorite accessory among celebrities.

In 1979, Anger met the famous German car designer Ferdinand Porsche. Just at this time, the brand made the production of fashionable sunglasses one of the priority directions. The partnership between Porsche and Anger has resulted in the development of the iconic Sunjet, Champion and Boeing collections. In 1981, the company began producing prescription spectacle frames. In 1996, Carrera was acquired by the Italian company Safilo Group SpA. Several iconic models have made the brand famous forever. Among others, the Champion model and its subsequent renovation with drop lenses, produced in a bright color palette, became very popular and has not lost its popularity to this day. One of the most popular lines is the Carrera Icons collection. It includes models such as the Carrera 6000, Carrera 89 and other in-demand models from the brand.