Max Mara Sunglasses is Where Modernity Mixed With Classics

Max Mara is one of the most successful Italian companies, known for the production of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories and fragrances. Classic style with a touch of modern grace, simplicity and intelligence are the principal creeds of the creations of a fashion house with family traditions.

The first collection of Max Mara sunglasses was released in 1998. That was the time when the products of the Maramotti family were in great demand. Throughout decades, the brand has remained true to its philosophy giving an aesthetic pleasure to connoisseurs and lovers of sophisticated fashion.

Max Mara sunglasses are recognizable for their discreet and classic design, which is free from excess and glamor. The collections contain all the basic classical and traditional forms with a minimum of experimentation. Round, oval, square, or butterfly and cat-eye glasses in calm, restrained colors are deliberately simple. Exquisite handcrafted finishing and high quality expensive materials fully correspond to the ideas of modern luxury.

All of Max Mara’s creations are dedicated to women. Any frame will make the image of a modern woman chic and sophisticated. At the same time, glasses are surprisingly suitable for everyday wear, they are practical, functional and suitable for different occasions of modern life. Luxurious materials, meticulous workmanship, elegant design make Max Mara glasses a particular decoration for years and a reflection of what is commonly called “Made in Italy”. The new Max Mara eyewear collection is in line with modern fashion trends and reflects the brand’s philosophy.

See some popular sunglass models from the latest Max Mara collection and pick up a pair at our store.


Marilyn/G shades with monochrome gray lenses add a touch of flirting, mystery and grace to your look. The lightweight acetate frame is complemented by a metal frame that adds contour. The thin and very exquisite golden cylindrical temples attached to the bridge are decorated with a prism. There is a brand name written on the plastic tips.

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Wintry/G fashionable sunglasses in the shape of a face shield with a single lens. They will not only protect your eyes from the sun, wind and idle glances, but also add confidence and make you stand out from the crowd. This cool acetate frame is accented with gold MaxMara lettering at the temples. The ends of the temples are made in the shape of a needle and the branded prism flaunts on the left end of the temple.

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Wire I

Slim oval sunglasses Wire I featuring an acetate frame will add you exquisiteness and surely enhance your style. Micro clips for monochrome lens support look very original adding a vintage touch and the double metal bridge completes the whole construction.
The double-wire temples are finished with acetate or metal tips.  

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Wire II

Sleek, classic Aviators are always in vogue and perfectly fit your casual clothing ensemble. This model features a double ultra-thin metal frame where the inside part is silver and  the outside is gold. The bridge with two curved lines looks very sophisticated. The brand name is signed on a thin gold-colored metal temple.

Ilde II

The round oversized frame looks ultra fashionable and will adorn your unique eyewear collection. The glasses look very original thanks to the mix of materials: the lower part of the frame is thin metal, the top is decorated with thick plastic. Elegant metal temples harmoniously top off the entire structure.

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