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Millie Bobby Brown teams up with Vogue eyewear to launch her first collection of glasses

2 min read April 21, 2020 Ashley Miller

The 16-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown gained her fame after playing the role of the girl Eleven in “Very Strange Things”. Being a multifaceted girl she is known not only for her success as an actress but besides she turned her fashion choices to make it a part of her career. 

Last year Millie Bobby Brown launched a brand of vegan cosmetics. Teen-oriented Florence by Mills produces budget-friendly makeup and skin care products. She also collaborated with Converse shoe manufacturers and released the line of sneakers called Millie By You which included ten different color options and was dedicated to the actress’s love for oceans and whales.

This year Vogue Eyewear announced the new capsule collection of glasses in collaboration with the new brand face of Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie combines the energy of youth and a balanced outlook on life. Her philosophy is reflected in the collection of glasses. Through bright colors and bold shapes of frames, Millie inspires girls to openly declare their particular originality to the world.

The collection includes 4 models of sunglasses and 3 shapes of frames for vision correction. All of them refer to the era and style of the nineties. At the same time, the collection has incorporated the most current trends in optics including translucent plastic, cosmetic colored lenses through which you can see your eyes, sports shapes and black lenses. The designs are bold with styles in bright colors like pink, orange or turquoise. More restrained purple, classic black, brown or tortoise colors are also there. The release consists of traditional rectangles and ovals, and a futuristic mono lens glasses.


There’s truly something for everyone in this collection, whether you want retro or modern, bright or dark, eyeglasses or sunglasses. Instead of the classic case, glasses are completed with a handbag with a long belt over the shoulder or around the neck which is also suitable to a smartphone.

This collection is suitable and affordable for every girl, as like all Vogue creations it is all about fun, exciting and fashion-forward style.