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Vogue Glasses and Eyewear

Vogue™ - VO4240S

$62.93 - $76.59

Vogue™ - VO5426S

$53.55 - $62.66

Vogue Eyewear was established in 1973 and got its name after the popular iconic fashion magazine with the same name which is a fashion's bible for all fashion-mogers throughout the world. The first issue of Vogue magazine came out in America in 1892. It was a public weekly for wealthy New Yorkers. Starting from 1909 the new owner of the edition changed the format of the magazine concentrating on fashion news and coverage of high society life. 

Since that time Vogue was printed with color covers instead of traditional black and white. With the advent of Conde Nast at the helm of Vogue, the edition began to collaborate with fashionable and famous photographers. The magazine also published about theaters, concerts, art exhibitions and some new books. Vogue glasses have long been synonymous with sophistication, elegance and style. Each model is ahead of trends and at the same time looks relevant.


Elegant, trendy, bold - these three words can describe the essence of the brand Vogue Eyewear, which is an Italian brand manufacturing sunglasses and corrective optics. For beautiful women the word "Vogue" is an integral part of their vocabulary. However, this is not only a leading well-known glamour glossy edition that sets the main trends of the season, but also a popular eyewear brand. Glasses from Vogue indicate the good taste of their owner. Vogue glasses are bright and original accessories that have conquered the hearts of fashionistas around the world. And it is no wonder, as the brand’s collections were created for girls who are not afraid to experiment with style and express themselves. 

Company glasses are a combination of current fashion trends and classic forms, which allows you to create unique images. The originality of many models of the collection is based on the juxtaposition of strict lines of silhouette and bright elements of decor. The collections of optical and sunglasses from Vogue are addressed to  dynamic and  active women constantly looking for an image that could fully reflect their inner world.  Vogue Eyewear is chosen by confident women and young girls who are ready to discover original and stylish looks. They stay up to date regarding fashion tendencies,  bringing  with cheerfulness and sophistication trendy details to the everyday fashion of the metropolis, without losing the precious elegance that is always inherent in style Vogue Eyewear. At the same time, Vogue boasts a fascinating history.


The Italian company Vogue Eyewear has been leading its history for more than 45 years.The brand, which borrowed the name of the cult fashion magazine, debuted in 1973. It gained fame and entered the pantheon of premium brands in 1990 with the start of cooperation with Luxottica. The manufacturing capabilities and quality traditions of this company have helped Vogue Eyewear not just attract attention, but to become a real trendsetter. Due to affordable prices and excellent quality, brand accessories have become popular among customers. At the time of its creation, Vogue focused entirely on a female audience. Special attention was paid to brand advertising. Fashionable icons such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Eva Mendes and Adriana Lima were the face of the Vogue collections.

Vogue Eyewear glasses and frames do not lose their relevance due to the perfect balance of conservatism and avant-garde. Almost all of them are presented in traditional styles, which everyone can select a suitable model. Each collection contains Cat-eye, Aviator, pantos, round and Oversized models. The creative approach is manifested in different color solutions, detailed decor, catchy, but neat design of frames and temples.

Due to lack of fanciful and extravagant details all Vogue eyeglasses can be added into casual images and stylish trendy outfits as a functional or catchy accessory. The brand released a Special Collection by  Gigi Hadid  which was created in close collaboration with top model Gigi Hadid, who has been the face of this brand for several years . Created in a retro chic style, it is filled with the spirit of the nineties.

Vogue eyeglasses come in 3 base lines: InVogue, Casual Chic and Timeless. In addition to them, capsule, thematic and seasonal collections with unique details of decor are produced. Modern technologies of manufacturing, excellent quality, original design - all this facilitated the growth of popularity of the brand such as the wearing of Vogue eyewear by famous actresses and models.