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Vintage and Modern Looks in Fossil Eyewear

3 min read October 19, 2020 Ashley Miller

Fossil is a contemporary fashion brand that’s known for crafting products with vintage sensibilities in modern style while most of its fashion accessories reflect American culture. All multifarious creations of the Fossil brand – whether we mean watches, handbags, leather accessories or sunglasses, deserve the highest praise and are considered  for almost forty years as examples of good and exquisite taste.

The company was founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, USA and a year later the first collection of watches under the Fossil brand was released. 5 years later, the original watch packaging appears, which has become part of the brand’s image.
Over the next ten years, Fossil launched their leather product lines, handbags, sunglasses and eyeglasses. It was the original accessories, including the glasses, that made the brand name. 

Fossil draws inspiration from the past, choosing muted tones, aged materials and retro decorative elements to create a unique and inimitable Fossil style. At the same time, all Fossil products meet the latest requirements for functionality and design.

The brand built a worldwide designer reputation for style, quality and craftsmanship of its eyewear collections. 
There are many vintage motives in the Fossil frames design, however, the design may change towards a more contemporary one depending on the annually changing trends observed in the fashion industry. 

Primarily Fossil glasses are attractive for their clean lines and contemporary appeal that is combined from retro and classic shapes, complemented by stylish details and fashionable innovative design solutions.

The latest Fossil eyewear collection blends modern details and vintage aesthetics showcasing retro, modern, young and sporty looks. 
The combination of modern and vintage motifs presented in the new collection fully captures the mood and essence of Fossil style.
It is also worth noting the extraordinary comfort and impeccable style, which helps to create a captivating image and reveal all the best sides of the individuality.

FOS 2081/S

Meet the Aviator sunglasses created for a trendy feel. The model, crafted from metal and acetate, features a perfect fusion of traditional elegance and modern freshness. It is specifically designed for men to highlight their masculinity, adding confidence and exclusivity to the image.

FOS 3103/G/S  

An expressive silhouette of this Cat-eye model will embellish and add sophistication to any feminine look. These glasses are not just stylish, but truly comfortable and practical. They will successfully complement both a classic outfit and cozy everyday ensembles.

FOS 2097/S

Classic fifties style gets a modern twist with this model. The frame is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of integrity, lens security, superiority and absolute style. 
Show off your uniqueness with these amazingly appealing sunglasses!

FOS 2101/G/S

These head-turning and very feminine shades exude an easy-going and stylish flair. An incredibly fashionable sleek acetate Cat-eye frame adds a touch of colour and combines perfectly with any outfit.

FOS 6024

These vintage-inspired rectangular-shaped specs deliver spirited styling. Featuring a semi-rimless metal frame the model is designed to look exclusively and flawlessly on all men, with or without prescription lenses.

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