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bebe Glasses and Eyewear

A famous American women's clothing brand bebe was founded by the Iranian immigrant Manny Mashouf. The company has many rumors about the origin of its name: the word "bebe" can be translated from various languages. For example, in Turkish "bebe" means "woman", in French it means "child, baby", and the Farci language offers another interpretation – "queen". A quite another version is that the brand's name was inspired by the line from Shakespeare's play, Hamlet – "to be or not to be''. Being a company that cares for its customers, bebe offers the newest and hottest designs for contemporary women at great prices.

About bebe

The company bebe was launched in 1976 in California, and nowadays, this world-recognized brand bebe has more than 300 stores across America. A significant contribution to the development of the brand was made by Menny's wife, who was directly involved in the creation of bright collections for modern women. The product line has been constantly expanding. Combining sophisticated styles with excellent quality, bebe creates eye-catching and unique women's clothes and accessories for those women who want to express their individual character and stand out from the crowd. The high status of the brand is confirmed by its popularity among movie and pop stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and many others.


bebe is a well-known American brand that creates eye-catching and fashionable collections of clothes and accessories for contemporary and independent women. The founder of the company Manny Mashouf was an Iran immigrant who opened the first small store in San Francisco. Many celebrities wear apparel and stylish accessories from bebe, including Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and many others. The main clothing line bebe Sport was introduced in 2003 and became very popular among clients. PH8 is a casual style clothing line that includes shoes, bags, and other accessories and is offered for women who prefer an active lifestyle.

About bebe

2b bebe is the main clothing line that includes women's apparel suitable for every day. The brand also has a special line of clothes and accessories for the home – bebe Logo. The target audience of the company is a young and fashion-forward woman of age 20-35 who wants to look stunning. You can find sexy and interesting designs without any vulgarity in clothes collections. Every product is made from high-quality materials with excellent attention to detail. The favorite colors of bebe are pink, blue, turquoise, and red. Apart from making clothes and other fashionable accessories, the bebe brand also offers perfumes selected by many young women all over the world.


In 1971, Manny Mashouf opened his first small store in San Francisco, and later in the 90s, bebe branded clothes became quite popular among fashion-forward women. Mashouf described his products as "expensive sexuality", and it's true! The main credo of the bebe company is creativity, impeccable style, refined modernity, and exclusive designs. Do you want to look charming and irresistible with unique clothes? Then, bebe company has you fully covered with high-quality and trendy products adored by true fashionistas and glamor lovers. You can choose from elegant and sophisticated to flashy and extraordinary styles with this versatile brand.

History of bebe

Only the best fabrics and materials are used to create excellent collections of bebe clothes, accessories, and impressive eyewear. Only stylish and premium quality products are offered in stores that sell branded products from bebe. You can find sportswear, office clothes, evening dresses, refined glasses, and several lines of perfume to fill your look with femininity and charm. For several decades, the fashion brand bebe stays popular among young and ambitious women who search for unique and stylish products to emphasize their sexuality and individuality. The products are marketed under many brand names, including bebe, BEBE SPORT, 2b bebe, and PH8.