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Barton Perreira Sunglasses

Barton Perreira sunglasses are crafted by hand by the most skilled and experienced artisans from Japan to deliver luxury and elegant eyewear of the best quality for fashion-forward men and women who are looking for stylish sunnies to complete their wardrobes as well as protect their eyes from the sun perfectly. This famous brand made an innovation in the eyewear industry with its stunning frames designed without compromise. Elegant and versatile, Barton Perreira sun frames are comfortable, cool, and eye-catching. The Los-Angeles based company has made a revolution in the world of fashion with its distinctive and unique collections of impressive and forward-thinking spectacles. 

Handcrafted carefully and passionately by the best Japanese masters, top-rated Barton Perreira shades for contemporary men and women are introduced in a wide selection of eye-catching shapes, including timeless aviators, classic acetate silhouettes, and vintage-inspired round-frame styles. Anyone can choose a suitable frame in a great range of impressive colors to complete their outfits with fashion-forward accessories. Every pair of Barton Perreira sunnies features unmatched comfort, excellent durability, full functionality, and precise fit. Express your individual style through these unique accessories crafted from superior materials, including top-rated metal and premium zyl acetate, and available with excellent lenses for maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Barton Perreira sunglasses are adored by many Hollywood celebrities, including Rachel Zoe, Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Giovanni Ribisi, and others. Timeless textures and unique forms of these spectacles are inspired by pop culture. Men's sunglasses feature a retro-inspired and luxury look while women's frames exude a feminine and sexy vibe to complete any look perfectly. Metal Barton Perreira sunglasses look iconic and impressive, while acetate frames add wonderful and deep colors to your wardrobes, like midnight blue and various hues of tortoise. Recognizable and distinctive, Barton Perreira sun frames can complete any fashionable outfit with a luxurious and interesting tone.     

Our virtual store offers a great selection of Barton Perreira shades handmade by skilled masters in Japan for modern people who search for original frames of the best quality. As an authorized retailer, we sell only 100% authentic glasses from a well-known eyewear manufacturer based in Los Angeles. Browse our full catalog of Barton Perreira sunnies in a great assortment of colors and lens tints to find a perfect pair that will match your taste and needs. Exclusive and fashionable, each pair of glasses from our shop is embellished with Barton Perreira's recognizable logo to ensure authenticity.  

Find a great collection of sunglasses for men and women from the Barton Perreira brand which is luxury and very respected in the eyewear industry. It was launched in 1997 by two former leading employees of Oliver People eyewear company after it was sold to a big corporation. They both wanted to have more independence and freedom in the design of glasses and concentrated on creating really fresh and special eyewear. They wanted to stand out of the pack. The brand specializes in the production of trendy and super quality sunglasses and eyeglasses of classic and contemporary shapes for individuals who are searching for exclusive frames which are not mass-produced and can impress with design and quality. Barton Perreira sunglasses combine the contemporary interpretation of classic shapes with unique design, comfort, and durability. 

Each pair of the brand's sunglasses is principally handmade in Japan by highly skilled artisans who focus on every detail while creating a piece of eyewear that then delivers remarkable comfort to its wearer. Whether you prefer vintage classic frames or you're in search of originally looking models with a modern aesthetic -  Barton Perreira will impress you with new designs, colors, and concepts. You will be glad to discover unique textures, saturated hues, and an exclusive range of lens tints. Customers usually mark special weightlessness of eyewear because each frame is made of the highest-grade Japanese acetate and titanium. Complete your edge and modern look by choosing a lightweight and strong frame which you will wear for a long time with particular pleasure. Create a spectacular unforgettable image with Barton Perreira sunglasses to be pleased with a strong fashion look, quality, and comfort.