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Tom Ford™ - FT5537-B

$194.70 - $200.20

Saint Laurent™ - SL 386

$255.00 - $262.50

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Wearing glasses has not always been trendy and popular like presently. Years ago, some bespectacled people felt non-confident, sometimes awkward and uncomfortable while communicating with others. The choice of eyewear was limited and far from perfect. But then, something happened: eyeglasses became cool. Now they serve not just like a utilitarian thing which helps to correct vision. More than ever, people who have perfect vision, which doesn't need to be corrected at all, wear spectacles made of plain glass to emphasize their individual style and to express their attitude to modern fashion.

Trendy women's eyeglasses from top designers, celebrities wearing eyeglasses

Celebrities play a huge role in the popularization of eyeglasses making them a part of the fashion image, the necessary stylish element capable to transform an ordinary person into a bright personality. A big variety of frames and styles appeared - Round, Rectangular, Oval, Cat-Eye; made of Acetate or Metal, Plastic or Titanium. Choosing the right glasses can change your self-perception. The truth is, that your choice of eyeglasses speaks in a loud voice about your true character, preferences, and individuality. Actually, they can show your real image, or make you another personality that you always wanted to be.

Celebrities wearing designer eyeglasses

Personality is something that cannot be seen but is essentially who a person is. During the whole life, a person expresses this in many ways: through clothing, hairstyle, and behavior. One more way to do this is with the type of glasses you choose to wear. Depending on what kind of glasses frames you choose, you can wear the glasses, or the glasses can wear you. This depends on what type of person you are. The professionals claim that there are two basic types of eyeglasses wearers. First are the practical wearers or those who are committed to a minimalist style. Typically, these people prefer "invisible" frames, they require business professional glasses or something practical and universal that blends in the most balanced way into the face and the outfit.

Celebrities wearing plastic rectangular eyeglasses, Tom Ford rectangular black eyeglasses

The second type of glasses wearers uses eyeglasses as a fashion accessory. These creative, most likely extroverted people see their glasses as an ornament and a complement to their personal look. Your glasses personality can be defined by what type of frame, shape, and style that you choose to express who you are. The key is to find the proper frame which suits your face shape, individual needs, and lifestyle. Although different frames may create stereotypical impressions, your glasses personality is ultimately determined by what attitude you wear them with.

Funky, thick, or colored frames? Vintage, retro, or ultra-fashionable? Hundreds of eyeglasses for men, women, and kids are offered. You have a huge choice of styles and models that perfectly emphasize your unique facial features, reflect your nature, and are actual to your lifestyle. We have a great variety of frames from well-known names in the industry. Each of them can add picturesque details to the memorable portrait of your individuality. Browse our complete catalog, look through different collections or use filter options to narrow your search by price, color, and style. Select the right eyewear and let you see the better version of the world through your glasses!