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Cartier Glasses and Eyewear

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Tradition and modernity are closely intertwined in the work of the designers of the famous Cartier jewelry house. Its masters believe that accessories are the finishing touch, creating a unique image and impeccable style. The design of Cartier sunglasses recreates the purity of the lines of the legendary jewelry designs of the house, which opens the door to a world of luxury in all corners of the planet. Each model of Cartier sunglasses and frames is the perfect accessory for elegant people, regardless of their age, place of residence, and lifestyle. Models are created for true connoisseurs of the classics who prefer to see luxury, elegance, and sophistication in everything. The chic accessories of the Cartier brand are the main touch of an irresistible and attractive image not only for women but also for men.

Since the Cartier Jewelry House has always been famous for its precise and exquisite work with gold, platinum, and silver, its glasses division was not massive. Each pair of lunettes was a real gem. This tradition continued when the first Cartier reading glasses frames were introduced in 1987. Neither crowned persons, nor multimillionaires, nor outstanding cultural figures could resist Cartier's magic. Admirers of this company were Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor and Peggy Guggenheim, Maria Felix, and Marilyn Monroe. Today, Cartier products are still the stuff of dreams, they epitomize luxury and indicate belonging to the upper class of society. Today, sunglasses and frames from Cartier are a sign of real chic, they are not considered a utilitarian thing, because every pair of optics from this fashion house is a real decoration.


When it comes to Cartier, we talk about glasses as a work of art. Even the biggest skeptics and lovers of simple and practical things admit that the beauty, elegance, and thoughtfulness of brand accessories will take their breath away. Nowadays, Cartier is the leading company on the jewelry market. There are about three hundred boutiques on five continents. The glasses collection of this company is a special exclusive accessory. Each model is distinguished not only by its excellent appearance: Cartier glasses emphasize the high status of their owner, impeccable taste, and elegance. Optical products are assembled in France, Italy, or Japan, it depends on the series. The uniqueness of each product is created by handwork: lacquer, and natural materials - wood and horn, which require the highest level of craftsmanship.

Currently, the collection of Cartier spectacle optics, along with products made of massive gold and inlaid precious stones (products of this class are usually made to special order), includes frames and sunglasses lined with precious metals: gold, platinum, ruthenium, etc. A breakthrough in optical accessories came in 1983 with the creation of the first Lunettes design. The design of the new collection of sunglasses, which range from traditional oval to rectangular shapes, is reminiscent of jewelry design. This time, the creators of the glasses are turning to the decor in the shape of a panther. Several models embellish the Cartier brand name in the shape of the letter C, which indicates that the glasses belong to the famous jewelry house, which continues to win hearts with the impeccable workmanship and style of its products.


The well-known jewelry brand Cartier has been pleasing its fans with quality products for more than 150 years. Today, the popular French brand Cartier successfully combines long-standing traditions established many years ago and modern style. Such accessories are once again able to confirm the status and refined taste of their owners. Features of female models are galvanic varnish coating in glasses and a three-dimensional image of a panther's head. Anti-reflective, gradient, and mirror lenses with high UV400 protection prevent bright reflections of light into the eyes and transmit colors without distortion. According to Cartier experts, eyewear is the most important detail in creating a unique style. Several high-demand sunglasses are in constant demand among buyers. These include Santos De Cartier, Panthere De Cartier, Signature Cartier, and Premiere De Cartier collections.

About Cartier

Santos De Cartier is the brand's most extensive collection, featuring modern accessories that were created in honor of the aviator Albert Santos-Dumont. These glasses have a unique design. Most models have an Aviator and a rectangular shape, in calm green and gray shades. More expensive models from this series are equipped with white bone and carbon temples, which makes them real works of art. The Signature Cartier collection reflects elegance and restraint. Wood, horn, and precious metals are used as noble materials. All products of this series are made in the best traditions of the French brand. Panthere De Cartier is a series where the "panther head" motif is used as decoration. Premiere De Cartier is a collection of glasses made in a modern design. Three metal rivets and gold or platinum trim are used as decor.


Cartier was founded in the 19th century by the jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier. More than 100 years ago, the first glasses were produced, which were intended only for titled persons. However, the products of this brand are still very popular among fans of prestigious things. The glasses of this company are real exclusive items, where each model is unique. For the manufacture of Cartier glasses, different materials are used, such as metal, genuine leather, and wood of the highest quality. Most of the eyewear is created using platinum, as well as white and rose gold. Elite optical accessories of the jewelry house Cartier are made exclusively from the highest standard metals. For adorning products, preference is given to decorative and jewelry stones of the best quality.

History of Cartier

The beginning of the twentieth century was marked for Cartier by expansion into world markets. Already in 1904, the middle of the Cartier brothers opened a branch of the company in London, and almost immediately the Cartier jewelry house became the official supplier of the English royal court. And three years later, the brand became the official supplier of other royal families in Europe. In 1910, the corporate logo of Cartier in the shape of two intertwined letters C was officially registered. And only in 1979, all Cartier branches were merged into a concern, called Cartier World. First, in 1972, the Paris division was bought out by an international investment group. At the same time, the Cartier brand moved away from the principle of producing only luxury goods and jewelry, which has been steadily followed for almost 100 years. As a result, accessories for men and women were added to the assortment.