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LaFont Glasses and Eyewear

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In Paris, people feel free, able to create and leave their mark not only in the culture of this city but also to become a part of world history. It is its streets, noisy boulevards, cozy cafes, and markets that have become the inspiration for the creation of more and more new models of LaFont eyewear. The general rule of the LaFont design studio is that each model is born from a white sheet, on which the first sketches appear, and thanks to the creative imagination of the designers, it acquires a unique, finished stylish look. Brand models are produced exclusively in France, with a factory of fewer than 100 employees. Most of the accessories for LaFont frames (temples, nose pads) are made entirely by hand and are fully consistent with the design of each model and the style of the collection as a whole.

Many of the components of LaFont frames, such as the temples and nose pads, are handcrafted to perfectly match the design of each model and the style of the collection as a whole. All parts, from the bridge of the nose to the smallest screw, are produced by a community of French manufacturers. The close cooperation between designers and production allows them to produce any details for the designed models of frames, which makes the LaFont collections unique and individual in design. Glasses from LaFont are extraordinary Parisian optics that already have 90 years of experience, unique know-how, high demands for elegance and values ​​- this is the trademark of the Lafont family. Sunglasses from France represent Parisian chic in more than 40 countries.

LaFont Eyewear

LaFont vintage glasses for men and women evolved to include styles like Cat-Eye glasses, rectangle glasses, semi-rimless glasses, and round glasses. LaFont glasses are apart from other vintage glasses manufacturers. Lafont incorporated bright colors into their vintage glasses like yellow, red, blue, green, and purple glasses. In addition to tortoiseshell patterns, Lafont also used leopard print, dots, and other eye-catching patterns. Since the beginning, Lafont has focused on innovation to classic styles, so it is a good vintage brand if you want something more unique. Additionally, each pair of Lafont sunglasses and frames has always been handmade in Paris for the finest quality eyeglass frames. Individual pairs can take more than 8 weeks to assemble.

LaFont is a true example of a true French designer optical brand, combining colors, sophisticated elegance, and Parisian chic. Classical and elegant frames quickly gained popularity and became fashionable as evidence of good French taste. They are already perceived not only as a means of vision correction but also as a fashion accessory. With their eye-catching and unusual design, LaFont glasses began to show great interest. The true character of the company is a harmonious combination of colors: from soft natural to the brightest combinations, these are new images and shapes, this is individuality. It will soon be 100 years since Lafont is firmly established as a leading optical design brand. Today, company stores are open in Paris and other capitals of the world, and the brand has a design studio and its own factory.


The concert of the LaFont eyewear collection is subtle audacity and subtle avant-garde sophistication. A special Parisian style that is not afraid to update for the season. Over 200 color combinations, as well as a combination of unique materials: Tartan or Liberty fabric in acetate pressing, pink leopard motif, use of horn and tortoise shell. Real unexpected effects!  A confident taste for exquisite products designed in Paris and carefully manufactured in the French Jura factory. The manufacturer develops and manufactures durable and high-quality eyeglass frames. The collection is distinguished by its design, detailed technology, and an amazing combination of materials. These are objects that radiate quality and have their own identity.

LaFont Sunglasses

Once the LaFont company started selling their glasses worldwide in the 1970s, they sold directly to American glasses wearers, making vintage glasses from the 1970s and later somewhat easier to find. The House of Lafont received the stamp "Origine France Guarantee" (OFG-Guaranteed French Origin). This seal of approval underlines our fundamental importance to French eyewear production, all acetate products from Lafont carry this label.  For more than 40 years, Lafont has been producing frames in France in close cooperation with THIERRY SA. Therefore, it was obvious to apply for the OFG certification, which certifies that the products are 100% French. After a review of the application and examination by an accredited independent testing institute (Bureau Veritas), Lafont received the OFG certificate.


The history of the Lafont brand began in 1923 when Louis Lafont opened his optical shop in the center of Paris and conceived the idea of ​​making glasses that could refute the established perception of this item as a sign of weakness and aging. And now the fourth generation of the LaFont family creates frames and sunglasses that are amazing in their beauty, improving design and production technologies. All sunglasses and frames are manufactured in a factory in France and the materials used to make them are strictly controlled. Each optical model has its own unique style, and the masterful work of the brand's masters with metal and cellulose acetate has been awarded the highest awards given by the optical community.

LaFont Frames

As the years passed, the LaFont brand gained popularity and fans. The creative workshop of the Lafon family has radically changed the decor of the serial Wayfarer from Ray-Ban. In those days, Wayfarer models were offered only in black, while LaFont designers offered buyers a sea of ​​​​bright colors. In 1971, a collection of frames was created, which was highly appreciated and admired by the fashion magazines Vogue, ELLE, and Marie Claire. Today, the Lafont collection consists of five lines: Lafont Paris for men is designed in the high-tech style and is distinguished by impeccability, lightness, and ergonomics; Lafont Paris for women - refined and a little frivolous - embodies true Parisian chic; Réédition presents classic shapes in modern materials and colors; Issy & La - frames and sunglasses in bright colors and catchy designs, created for young people; Lafont Kids - reliable and safe frames for children in cheerful colors.