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Products: 124 of 4878


You’ll hardly find a better accessory to upgrade your style as fast as a pair of new, fashionable glasses. Not only should you look amazing in your new eyewear, but you should also feel comfortable and safe wearing them! The combination of reliability and design has become especially important for both customers and manufacturers for the last few years. Innovative techniques, cutting-edge technologies, natural materials and hottest trends…we, at EyeOns, pay attention to everything! We go above and beyond to make sure you get the finest pair of sunglasses or optical frames. It’s time to turn your new glasses into a head-turning piece of your wardrobe!

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True craftsmanship, refinement, and timeless design are those features that are fundamental in the latest eyewear collections. We pick up the hottest and the most ground-breaking designs from the most trusted brands in the industry: Tom Ford, Prada, D&G, Hugo Boss, ic!Berlin, Ray Ban, Marc Jacobs, Carrera, Gucci, Burberry and many more renowned names. We are always on the look-out for new creative collaborations and best proposals to be able to bring you the latest in the world of eyewear. The collection provides a comprehensive array of eye-catching designs in acetate, titanium, wood, nylon, and precious metals. Don’t settle for less than perfect!

Eyewear Collections

If you want to discover the most recent fashion tendencies in eyewear, you’re at the right place! We rounded up top designs for both sunglasses and optical frames. So, what’s trending now? This season, the nostalgia of retro fashion is not going anywhere – the designers update the beloved, classic silhouettes to create modern frames with a vintage twist. Among the most popular are bold rounds that match a great variety of outfits, the oversized squares that make you look outstanding without putting too much effort into it, playful cat-eyes in exciting color combinations – the ladies’ best friends, and of course timeless aviator frames, offered in both colorful acetate and old-school metal.


The latest collections from the most popular eyewear brands include lots of innovative and creative styles. Clear frame glasses are a new trend that is a solid choice for those individuals who are tired of classic eyewear designs and looking for something unique and simple at the same time. The hop combination this year is two old favorites: geometric shape and thick rimmed frame. Bringing a splash of geometry and boldness, these glasses are sure to grab everyone’s attention. Another trendy style, popular among the designers, is tortoiseshell glasses in modern, much vivid interpretation. Forget about the classic brown tortoiseshell – there are so many color palettes of this popular pattern that anyone will surely find the perfect pair!

When it comes to more refined and sophisticated frames, thin titanium glasses are in trend. Being lightweight yet incredibly strong, these glasses are both durable and comfortable. As for the look, they’re sleek, chic, and are sure to match anything from your wardrobe. Double-bridge glasses are another hit that takes its rightful place in the latest eyewear collections. They feature an additional bar across the top of the lenses, which makes them fancier and more elegant. From vintage to modern, from round to square, from very bright to more demure colors, the newest collections we picked up have them all. Look through the most popular eyewear trends and follow the fashion with!