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ic! Berlin Glasses and Eyewear

ic! berlin started its way to worldwide recognition in 1996. With their unconventional ideas, extraordinary talent, and unquenchable creativity, the founders of the company presented to the world their wonderful creation - screwless glasses. The frame is attached to the temples with a special screwless hinge - the removable clip holds the frame and temple together at the hinge. This innovative mount was appreciated by optical professionals. It was patented and is the brand's peculiar feature.

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Following on ic! berlin developed technology to work with different materials including titanium, acetate, and plastic which let them experiment with shapes and colors frames designs. ic! berlin glasses are made concentrating the brand's energy on craftsmanship which is unrivaled - each eyewear piece is handcrafted by the experienced masters with exceptional scrupulousness. High-quality materials and the latest innovations such as laser cutting from the whole sheet and high-end 3D printing technology are used to create eyeglasses and sunglasses of the highest German quality.

Due to good flexibility and high-quality materials, ic! berlin women's sunglasses are extremely light and flexible and can be easily customizable to a specific client - temple tips can be easily varied from straight to curved and after bending, they can be returned to their original shape. Acetate frames gained particular popularity - they are made in rainbow colors such as yellow, green, violet, orange, red, etc., and can be re-polished after years of use. All ic! berlin frames are scratch- and heat-resistant, they are valued for durability and can be worn for years with maximum comfort.

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Browse through our excellent collection of ic! berlin eyeglasses and sunglasses crafted with meticulous attention for contemporary men and women who prefer lightweight and durable frames of the best quality. Whether you are searching for fashionable oversized sunglasses or timeless aviator eyeglasses, our virtual store has you fully covered! As an official distributor, we offer only 100% original ic! berlin frames crafted by skilled artisans to serve you for a long time. Discover the current collection of ic! berlin eyewear to choose the right spectacle to suit your needs and taste!


Originally launched in 1996 in Berlin the brand became worldwide known for its genial invention - ultralight screwless glasses with a removable clip that holds the frame and temple together at the hinge. Ic! Berlin specializes in the production of eye-catching modern eyewear with a brilliant design. The company's philosophy is to produce flexible, functional, and contemporary-looking eyeglasses with an unmatched design that are disassembled and reassembled individually with ease.

Exclusive design ideas and the variety of color schemes used by brand designers are in great demand among people who value durability, quality, and uniqueness. Designers of the company are committed to perfectionism, they focus on form and details meticulously paying attention to every part of the creative process. All ic! Berlin eyewear pieces are handmade with innovative laser cutting technology and perfectly fit bringing the owner maximal wearing comfort, feeling of individuality, and style.

ic! berlin - Frames


The history of one of the most avant-garde German brands began almost a quarter of a century ago, in 1996 when three students from Berlin - Harald, Philip, and Ralf - invented the screwless hinge that connected the eyewear frame to the temples. It was decided to use this innovation and implement the idea of producing branded glasses from stainless steel and the first model was soon released. The first ic! Berlin glasses named Jack were cut by hand from a single sheet of aluminum. Then not much time passed, a lot of efforts and perseverance were applied, and in 1998 the first eyewear collection of ic! Berlin received the Silmo d'Or Grand Prix in the nomination “Technological innovations in spectacle optics”.

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The ultra-light glasses made of sheet metal are deluxe items that are completely handcrafted by the piece. Taking these glasses in hand, anyone will immediately feel their exclusivity: unique design, surprising lightness, amazing flexibility will delight connoisseurs of quality and innovation. The main advantage of the brand frames is that they have no weak points: they are made of spring steel, bend easily, keep their shape well, and have a comfortable fit.

Since 2005, the company has been producing acetate models that have gained immense popularity for their creative designs and rich colors. Today ic! Berlin sunglasses and optical frames are sold in more than 60 countries and the number of satisfied wearers of these mind-blowing glasses is growing every year.