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When you choose a new pair of glasses, it's very important to find a style that fits your taste. Another important parameter is the frame's color that can make a huge difference to your image. You should take into consideration your skin tone, hair color, and eye color to choose glasses that either contrast or complement your look, depending on the final result. Of course, some people can select the frame color to match their clothes or even their car, but in general, you need to know which colors suit your eyes, skin, and hair.

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Eyewear color seems like real magic - with various tones of sunglasses or eyeglasses, you can make quite different looks. Neutral colors, including brown, tortoiseshell, and black suit almost all outfits perfectly, while bright frames are great for situations when you need to express your charm and individuality. Try to avoid choosing a color of glasses that everyone wears – remember, this accessory can make you look unique and more interesting, so take your time and select the right color that will help to emphasize your most beautiful features, complement your outfit, and show your personality.

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Here are the best color matches for your eyes:

  • Gray eyes. This is a neutral color, so any bright and even bold tone will fit gray eyes to complete your look perfectly.
  • Blue eyes. Feel free to select natural tones, including brown and tortoiseshell to create an understated look. If you want to create a bright image, try on orange frames to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.
  • Brown eyes. If you have got brown eyes, select any color, from bold to more classic and neutral. For an eye-catching look, try bright green or cool blue tones that contrast against brown perfectly.
  • Hazel eyes. This color usually switches from green to brown, so try to select brown or green spectacles to get an interesting look. Frames of amber tones are also a good choice.
  • Green eyes. For green-eyed people who want to make a striking look, red, gold, and purple tones will fit the best. If you want to create an understated image, try on brown or gray tones that always look excellent with green eyes.
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If you choose the frame colors based on your hair color, rules are similar with eyes. Depending on the effect, you can create more subdued images or make a striking statement to be the center of attention. Here are several rules you should follow when selecting eyeglasses or sunglasses to match your hair color:

  • Gray/White hair. Both these colors are from the neutral pallet that gives you a great chance to experiment with a wide array of colors. You can choose neutral tones of frames to make a stylish image, and add some boldness with bright tones.
  • Black hair. Tortoiseshell and black spectacles look stunning with black hair, but if you want something juicy and bright, feel free to select bold colors to create a sharp contrast.
  • Brown hair. People with brown hair are recommended to select warm and earthy tones, including dark green, tortoiseshell, and amber.
  • Blonde hair. If you have dark blonde hair, select glasses of the warm palette, like beige, brown, or tortoiseshell. People with platinum blonde hair look perfect with pastel tones for an understated look and vivid colors for a great contrast.
  • Red hair. If you've got red hair, match it with frames of bold colors to make an extraordinary look. If you want to create a more subdued image, try on darker frame colors, including brown, amber, and black.
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Depending on your skin tone (cool or warm), you can choose particular colors of glasses to complement your image. Use the tips below to define your skin tone and see which frames suit you better.

  • Neutral skin tone. It includes a mix of golden and pink undertones of skin that look excellent with almost all colors! Choose elegant black, create an understated image with beige, or select any vivid colors to make a bright image.
  • Warm skin tone. Noted for a golden undertone, warm skin tones make a perfect combination with warm-colored frames, including red, brown, tortoiseshell, orange, yellow, and gold.
  • Cool skin tone. Accented with a pink undertone, the cool skin type looks excellent with cool-toned spectacles with silver, blue, green, and gray undertones.

Of course, these are just general rules to select the right color of the frame to suit your face, hair, and eyes, but you can follow your intuition and taste to select an eye-catching pair of eyewear to emphasize your individuality and charm. It's possible to create an interesting ensemble with a contrasting spectacle to your clothes, or choose a versatile clear frame that will suit any outfit and situation perfectly. Sometimes, selecting glasses in the same color as your wardrobe helps people to make their outfits brighter. Of course, when you are combining different tones, make sure they look good together: in fact, pairing eyeglasses or sunglasses with your look is the same as combining various clothes with each other to make a final outfit. Pay attention to the situation: if you are selecting a frame for everyday wearing, it's wiser to get glasses in neutral tones to make them suit any clothes you used to wear. Of course, spectacles for any special situation can be brighter and bolder to make a fashion statement.

Color means a lot, and it can tell many things about the wearer, so before you get a pair of glasses of a particular tone, it's useful to understand what this color means and make sure it suits you perfectly. Young and energized men and women should select any attractive colors that match their tastes, including both pastel and bold tones to express their individual characters. Older people usually prefer more calm colors, including beige, white, light-brown, nude, or black, but some of them select brighter spectacles like violet, blue, or dark-green to make a perfect match to their outfits. Do not be shy to express your uniqueness through the color of your glasses! A pair of frames can change your appearance significantly, so it's quite important to choose the tone wisely and thoroughly. The most brave and extraordinary people who want to be the center of attention can wear colorful sunglasses that combine many juicy tones to create an eye-catching look. If you are searching for something more elegant, choose metal frames in various tones, including gold, bronze, or silver that will suit any modern wardrobe.

They say men and women see colors differently – women can define more tones and subtones when men usually do not have this ability. When choosing glasses, both men and women have a great selection of amazing colors to choose from, and it's not a problem for both sexes to create a wonderful combination to match their taste and clothes. Women just have names to every subtone in their minds like pistachio, jade, emerald, lime, etc., when men name all tones of green just "green". Of course, selecting the right frame color is quite important, and we recommend choosing several tones that match your taste, and then come to the one color finally. Sometimes it helps to choose glasses in tone with your other accessories, including bags, jewelry, watches, or even shoes. Colorful frames with distinctive embellishments are perfect for special occasions when you need to create an eye-catching look. According to the statistics, women choose bright and juicy tones more often than men who usually express their masculinity and power through darker tones like black, brown, or gray.

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