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GUCCI. 2022 Collection.
Luxury house GUCCI presented its new eyewear collection.
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Eyewear for Women

Prada™ - Duple PR 61XS

$178.85 - $260.15

Jimmy Choo™ - Dany/S

$209.33 - $254.51

Balenciaga™ - BB0126S

$183.31 - $187.29

Balenciaga™ - BB0004S

$226.53 - $337.5

Emporio Armani™ - EA2104

$103.74 - $105.24

Showing 1 to 24 of 14516 (605 Pages)

Many reasons are there for women to wear sunglasses. For most of them the main idea is to be stylish, to create an expressive image, to be in the limelight. Some of them are aimed to obtain freedom from intrusive people, to hide their emotions and inner experiences from strangers. There is also a category of women who feel more confident looking through the sunglassesas if they get an extra protective shield. As research says, sunglasses are really effective in masking - they hide the eyes and area around them letting for others get less information about emotions and micro expressions usually picked up during communication. This gives the wearer a feeling of inner space protection which leads to more confidence. That's why we usually feel better when we're in our shades - we become confident and feel the power. It is interesting that sunglasses is such a magical accessory which can highlight or mask depending on its wearer's needs. This is especially actual for women whose mood is volatile. It can change several times a day and depends on so many little things. And woman's image totally connected with her mood as well as her beauty and attractiveness.

"Happy girls are the prettiest girls" - so stated Audrey Hepburn - a legendary actress whose memorable look in Cat-eye glasses has been featured in every fashion magazine of the modern age. Each woman has her different chips and knows what makes her happy. But good shopping after which she brings at least a new pair of sunglasses - that will do for almost all the females. Clothes and accessories are the best reflectors of what happens inside a woman. Inherently a woman have plenty of faces which she shows by her desire. Exactly sunglasses reveal the true nature of a woman and clearly tell about her character. On Monday morning she decides to hide behind giant oversized shades to become a mysterious lady. Next day she puts on cat-eye sunnies to express her catlike nature. On windy sunny day she tries a role of stunning Bond's girl wearing a pair of Aviator of Wayfarer shades. And when you think that you know her well enough, that restless nature goes fishing early on Sunday looking through her bright polarized sunglasses. And there is hardly a woman who remains cold trying a pair of fashionable glasses.

Nowadays sunglasses is a woman's wardrobe staple. There are plenty of shapes and styles to choose from: aviators, round lenses, cat-eyes, oversized, oval, rectangular. The latest optical fashion tendencies also contain triangles, rhombuses, squares, intricate six- and octahedrons - the more distinct the corners in the frame, the more relevant the model. There's a wide choice for any taste and preferences. Everything is for freedom of expression up to shocking which is so loved by women fashionista. Each detail of woman's look tells us something about her individuality. Of course, we can't judge a book only by its cover, but considering we all choose the clothes and accessories wear every day as a way to express our personality, we should not discount the information which sunglasses and clothing reveal about us. So women like to wear sunglasses. And it doesn't matter how many various shapes, colors, textures and brands exist in glasses industry now- all this diversity has its followers among different women. A pair of sunglasses is a woman's must have which can complement any outfit, which is great for any mood and any occasion.