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Sabine Be Glasses and Eyewear

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Style, strong colors, and geometric shapes are the main ingredients in every Sabine Be eyewear. In particular, the unique taste of French design presents itself in each spectacle of these collections. Indeed, Sabine Be is now the choice of people who are passionate about designer eyewear. Every modern person respects the sophisticated style of the French brand Sabine Be, aimed at the passion for fashion and the unusual. Craftsmanship and ease of production make the brand a unique and sought-after product for those who love a quality product, realized using high-quality materials and equipped with excellent solar lenses. Sabine Be is characterized by its geometric shapes and eccentric and fluorescent red, and pink colors that identify it at first glance.

For those who make their choices based on an increase in heart rate, French designer Sabine Be offers a joyous and emotional approach to her optical universe. After launching her brand, the former optician, who loves colors and materials, decided to fulfill her childhood dream. The mischievousness, which, in relation to the frame of her glasses, is reflected at the end of the temples of each of its creations. Fresh and incredible design, an expanded tonal palette, a love of focal details, and polished aesthetics are complemented by French handmade production. The sophistication of standard frames and the elegance of the styles are softened by innovative shapes and colors combined with noble materials.

Sabine Be

Every eyewear dwells in captivating colors and original shapes. To be sure, high-quality cellulose acetate and striking colors are key ingredients. The high-grade material provides versatility and transparency. Thereafter, Sabine Be ensures that the craftsmen carry out every detail with great precision. Even minor details are important here, including the hinges and the temple endings. Everything must be up to the mark, such as the bold red-colored circles that symbolize the brand. Materials for the production of glasses are of the highest quality, which creates a very strong and durable product. In the collection, everyone can find frames made of acetate, metal and other materials that are characterized by perfect finishing and provide the highest quality. In recent years, the brand's trends have focused on simpler lines, adding interesting details to the temples.

Sabine Be is a symbol of subtle and feminine elegance, an originality that is both modern and timeless. This company is winning the audience by providing eyewear beyond expectations. It is important to realize that Sabine’s success came out of the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative efforts. In essence, the brand remains successfully in the spotlight by introducing new ideas and keeping the audience engaged with multi-hued. Sunglasses and frames differ in many designs. The most famous are those created exclusively for the most elegant, sophisticated women. However, Sabine Be did not forget to include in its collection models that are suitable for everyday wear. The blend of cultures made Sabine Be an ambitious player on the global market.


Turning her childhood dream into reality, Sabine Be, a former optician, fond of colors and different materials, decided to launch her own brand. Each one of her frames reflects her playfulness. Fresh and unique designs, extra-vibrant color choices, and dedication to focal details- the polished esthetics are all handmade in France. The only constants in Sabine Be’s world are her know-how and daring touch. For the rest, pleasure is the limit. Her frames are sought after by demanding faces and atypical souls alike. Sabine Be eyewear is truly one-of-a-kind spectacles. With a magic combination of shapes and colors, they are head-turning and adorable. French creativity at its best, Sabine Be eyewear is alluring, charming, eye-catching, and stunning at the same time. The design of the brand is both intricate and simple.

About Sabine Be

Although Sabine Be is a relatively new company on the eyewear market, it is so attractive and exciting that it has gained much popularity pretty fast. In fact, many news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, and Good Morning America have featured Sabine Be. People often ask her how she started a fashion company without any money and with no experience in the industry. Today, Sabine Be is known and recognized by the biggest fashionistas for her impeccable style. Sabine Be has always been incredible with her specific designs and patterns. However, the brand continues to earn recognition over the globe and has tremendously expanded beyond its origin. Undoubtedly, the mystery behind this huge success is that the designs evolved according to the needs of the market. Thus, wherever the brand steps, it adopts the culture and adds new touch and flavor according to the surroundings to satisfy its customers.


Sabina Bae is an inspiring story about a woman full of passion and determination who, after 33 years of working as an optician, realizes her childhood dream. Created in 2014, the Sabine Be eyewear brand is the embodiment of imagination, filled with ideas that the designer has nurtured since early childhood. A lover of colors and materials, Sabina creates glasses with a fresh design and a strong identity. Some call it an addiction. Sabine never leaves anything to chance and makes every pair of glasses a true work of art. Especially for those who want to see the world in color. Sabina Be pays attention to detail to the last detail. That is why her collections are made by hand in the best French factories. One of Sabine's priorities is popularizing the concept of handmade. This can be seen in every frame that comes out of Sabina's hands.

History of Sabine Be

Sabine Bego-Wagner, born in Orléans, has lived in the world of optics since childhood. It is there that her father runs an optical lens laboratory, and her mother is an optician. Passionate about fashion and design, Sabina wants to be a stylist, but her father dissuades her from this life path. Sabina hides her admission to the design school from her father. She reveals it to him 5 years later, when she becomes an optician. Then, for 25 years, she shares an optical adventure in the family store with her mother, with whom she shares a close bond. It was in 2009. Then, after the loss of her mother and a long period of mourning, with the support of her husband and son, at the age of 49, she starts this slightly crazy project Sabine Be. She creates her own brand of glasses, in which she designed an entire universe to be diverse and cross-generational.