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Both sunglasses and glasses for vision correction are indispensable accessories that a person uses. Sunglasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, which can damage the retina, and the excess of which can cause soreness in the eye area, blurred vision, and even temporary blindness. Eyeglasses for vision correction, or as they are also called prescription glasses, help to correct vision, because it goes without saying that good vision improves the quality of life and, in general, is a vital factor. In addition to the functional qualities of glasses, the aesthetic component is no less important, which plays an equally important role.

Frame Size

At the moment, there are many varieties of glasses, which are classified according to the material, lens color, frame type, and light transmittance. Technology does not stand still, and every year more and more improved and convenient models appear on sale. So, glass was replaced by plastic lenses, which are lightweight, durable, and safer. Regardless of the functions performed, glasses consist of lenses and frames in a huge variety of different modifications.

In order for the glasses to fit you perfectly, it is necessary to consider not only the shape and color that suits you. The selection of the right frame size is the key to comfort and satisfaction with your glasses. After all, if you make a mistake with the size, the accessory will either fall off with every movement or squeeze and cause discomfort when worn.

If you buy sunglasses from the local optical store, then you can always try them on and decide on the size. But how good the selection of designer eyewear in online stores is, and the prices are so attractive! In addition, we are already so used to shopping online without leaving home. In this case, you can easily pick up cool sunglasses or elegant eyeglasses by determining your size using the parameters indicated by the manufacturers and some useful tips written below on the right selection of the frame size.

Frame Size Guide
The frame size can be found on the inside of the temple arm. It consists of three numbers, is indicated in millimeters, and looks like:

52 - 18 - 135

52 — lens width (eye width)

18 — nose bridge width

135 — temple length

    When determining a suitable frame option, the following parameters must be considered:
  1. The frame width should not be wider than the width of your face in the temporal region.
  2. The temple arm length is usually one of three standards - 135, 140, or 145m
  3. The bridge width is the width of the element that goes across the bridge of your nose. Typical widths are 12-26 millimeters. It is important that the glasses fit comfortably on the bridge of the nose - not too tight, and not too loose.
  4. Lens width is measured from the outermost edges of lenses horizontally and can vary from 40 mm (Small) to 62 mm (Large or Oversized).

As for the width of the frame, it is measured from the outside of the frame and is usually between 120 and 150 mm. The frame width is not specified on the temple arm and to understand which frame size is right for you, use the parameters of the previous frame or by measuring your face yourself. The width of the face is measured from temple to temple at eye level. It should be remembered that the temple arm also has a width, and therefore it is necessary to measure with a small margin.