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When choosing Eyewear we are mostly concerned about style, shape and price of the thing. Yet there are some more factors which we need to take into account to be totally satisfied buying the new accessory. So what else should we look out for when shopping for new glasses or sunglasses? Surely we should draw attention to all benefits and disadvantages of the material which eyeglasses are made of. We need to know general material properties: its flexibility, durability and corrosion-resistance. Maybe you also care about the weight of the item and whether it is hypo-allergenic or not.

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Different materials are suitable for different people and different conditions play a huge role in creation of your unique aesthetic. Right material selection is also important for your comfort. Frames for sunglasses and prescription glasses are made of three types of materials and their combinations: plastic, metal and natural raw materials. Each of them has many varieties. So, for the manufacture of plastic frames used cellulose acetate, carbon fiber, nylon, optyl and others while metal frames can be titanium, aluminum, steel. For people who prefer exclusive accessories and are willing to pay decently for this, there are frames with silver, gold or platinum plating.

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Natural raw materials - wood and buffalo horns - are suitable for those who seek something truly unique. Such frames are usually handmade, not mass-produced and the number of models is quite limited. They are much more expensive in comparison with other materials, but they attract with their unique beauty. Made from natural material, wood glasses are beneficial for those who may be allergic to synthetic materials and metals. Wearing a pair of wood or horn eyewear eliminates some people’s concern about allergy.

Semi-precious, precious stones, as well as crystals are used as decorative elements. The most popular are onyx, turquoise and Swarovski crystals. Not so long ago well-known designers began to add velvet for decoration of eyeglass frames as well. In the search for new avant-garde solutions, designers experiment with various textile fibers and leather.

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Those who love nature will be pleased with the opportunity to buy glasses made of the recycled eco-friendly materials. Groundbreaking companies including many eyewear brands and manufacturers are turning their attention to creating products from biodegradable materials. Recycled wood, fishing nets, leather, vinyl records, aluminum and even coffee grounds, flax and wheat are used to produce the sunglasses and recyclable cases. Such frames decompose 100 times faster than ordinary plastic glasses. With recycled sunglasses, you are creating no extra waste and will also have the chance to get your hands on some of the most innovative designs. Read some tips about materials to discover more about them, to make the best choice, and to enjoy your glasses for a long, long time.