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Cazal Glasses and Eyewear

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Stylish, bright, elegant accessories fill the Cazal collections. Models are characterized by large sizes, rich decor, and ornate shapes. For the manufacture of frames, durable and at the same time light materials are mainly used: titanium, stainless steel, and plastic. A popular decoration of the brand's frames is gold pollination. It not only serves as a protective layer but also gives accessories nobility, chic, and brilliance. A practical addition to the frames are special gaskets that keep the lenses from fogging. The functionality of the products is added by adjustable temples, as well as removable side elements. Vintage models of frames are very popular among fans of the brand. Designers pay special attention to the temples.

Often the temples of the Cazal frames are covered with a scattering of rhinestones, decorated with intricate patterns. Most of the technological processes in the manufacture of brand models are performed manually. The undoubted advantage of Cazal frames is their wide range and rich palette of colors- from classic black, to more special blue. A huge choice allows everyone to find their own option, the most suitable for the shape of the face and inner worldview. Designers of the brand Cazal make the main bet on the original character of their creations. They don't just follow fashion trends. Picking up the trends of changeable fashion, the masters skillfully interpret them in their own unique style. The brand's accessories are original, sometimes a little extravagant. But they have individuality, and this is why they are especially valuable.


Extravagance, which is harmoniously combined in vintage style, unusual shapes, and bright details- the German brand Cazal proved that quality and comfort do not have to be boring, but on the contrary, original. Brand glasses have an extravagant design, they are characterized by vintage and unusual shapes, bright details, and various decorative elements. Cazal frames are chosen by individuals who are free from other people's opinions, financially independent, and with non-standard views on life. A wide variety of shapes and colors, a variety of decorative elements and so successfully interpreted vintage - what captivates each new collection. The fashion house regularly pampers true fans of the brand with limited series. These are bestsellers of past years, for the production of which modern technologies and materials are used.

Since the death of the founder of the company in 2012, a new generation of designers of the brand has diligently preserved the unique aesthetics and mood of Cazal. At the moment, the brand has taken its rightful place and has established itself throughout the world. An ever-increasing number of admirers appreciate this small but world-famous brand, which always meets the highest standards while setting higher and higher standards for quality. Cazal is eyewear that should set new standards and at the same time reflect the spirit of its time. It is not limited by any trends, but constantly defines the style of its market segment. The shape and color, the choice of materials, and the production technology of each pair of Cazal glasses are under constant control and supervision by highly qualified experts of the brand.


In Germany, the Cazal style did not immediately become popular, but after the resounding success of the brand in America, European connoisseurs of style also adopted the brand, and thanks to a wide variety of shapes and colors, the presence of all kinds of decorative details, every customer will find Cazal brand glasses for themselves. The eyewear is subjected to complex processing, and the frames are hand-painted with special paints and varnishes. The key to success is the unique design of the glasses of this brand, and their excellent quality that meets the highest standards. Of course, these models are very popular not only among ordinary people and style fans. Today, Cazal glasses are a legendary brand whose products are preferred by world movie and business pop stars.

About Cazal

The United States was the first country to start importing Cazal sunglasses and frames. But at first, the brand did not receive insane fame. There were two murders in New York in the 1980s, and glasses from the brand appeared in the files of both cases. Journalists did not leave this unattended, and now the whole of New York began to talk about Cazal. Darryl McDaniels of the band Run-DMC frequently appeared in his Cazal 607s and featured them on the album cover. Thanks to him, the popularity of the brand's glasses in the United States was gaining momentum. But most fashionistas couldn't afford them, the average cost of Cazal glasses was $500. Cases of theft have become more frequent, and in New York, glasses could even be torn right off the face of a passerby. The brand became so popular that Cazal frames were worn without even inserting lenses. Over time, the scandals associated with this company were forgotten, but the love for the design and aesthetics of the brand remained.


The German brand Cazal began its existence in 1975. Confidently breaking into the fashion space, the original eyeglass frames of this brand captivated the world forever with their unique style. The founder of the brand - the famous designer Kari Zalloni - considered not only the high quality of products but also unique design as the main principle in his work. Peculiar models of frames for glasses Cazal initially conquered the original American public. A little later, Zalloni's amazing collections won the hearts of more conservative Europeans. The brand became a real success in 1982. Two crimes that happened in New York served as a powerful advertisement for the brand. By chance, Cazal glasses turned out to be on the offenders, which was immediately trumpeted by all the media and the brand attracted public attention. As a result, Cazal frames have become a bestseller on the world optical market.

History of Cazal

Kari Zalloni was an extraordinary, versatile, and incredibly talented person. He devoted his life to creating unusual things. In the list of his hobbies - the designs of clothes, interiors, household goods, and even watercolor painting on porcelain. All his work is filled with positivity and it gives a great mood. But his main passion, glasses, deserves the highest praise. Zaloni's style is easily recognizable, his creations are exquisite. It deserves respect. Even after the death of the great designer in 2012, his interesting ideas are reflected in the new Cazal collections.The style of the brand remains unchanged: with its bizarre Oversized shapes, huge sizes, and lush decoration of decorative elements. And, of course, uncompromising German quality distinguishes the frames of the cult brand.