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Eyewear for Men

Tom Ford™ - FT0513 Morgan

$226.76 - $250.51

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1093

$73.57 - $80.66

Saint Laurent™ - SL 1/F

$285.00 - $296.25

Gucci™ - GG0844O

$423.75 - $435.00

Gucci™ - GG0291S

$510.00 - $521.25

Carrera™ - 248

$79.82 - $82.75

Tom Ford™ - FT5401

$183.40 - $200.88

Gucci™ - GG0900S

$435.00 - $521.25

Giorgio Armani™ - AR 101M

$194.79 - $235.81

Prada™ - PS 52VS

$158.95 - $191.44

Some people may think that accessories do not play a huge role in dressing up or life in general but we are ready to debunk this myth. What concerns sunglasses, they can be worn for different reasons. The most important one is that they serve as a great protection as they softly cover your eyes and the adjacent skin area from harmful impacts of ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. Besides, they also keep the dirt and dust away from getting inside. Putting these all things together, we can see how sunglasses become a so-called shield - this way, you won't get sunburns, cataracts, inflammation, and many other destructive consequences. Additionally, sunglasses guarantee a high level of glare reduction which makes it easy to see better in bright light and avoid vision impairment.

Some people consider getting summer eyewear only because of the listed above reasons but those who are avid fashion lovers, don't always even think about the advantages of having sunnies on. They simply consider them fashionable accessories that are ready to provide them with a perfectly balanced, complete, and stylish look. For many men, they become an easy way to add a little extra something to their outfits and hide imperfections. With the help of sunglasses, it is possible to significantly change the overall appearance, emphasize the image, and correct individual features. No matter which type of person you are, in any case, this accessory remains the best assistant for reducing bright lights and harmful UV rays along with being a great add-on to your perfect looks.

What about eyeglasses then? They carry on the sunnies' tradition of serving as an outstanding accessory that completes a look and brings it to a whole new level. While sunglasses offer men the best UV protection, eyeglasses can be worn due to trouble seeing or for working with computers. The main goal of prescription frames is to guarantee sharp vision and maximum comfort. A lot of people also use them when they want to devote their time to reading - every bookworm knows that when you concentrate on one object for a long time, your eyes are more likely to get tired. And the best thing we can do in this situation is to take care of our health and well-being. So, vision troubles, computer-related jobs, reading, or even fashion-related needs - no matter what your case is, a pair of nice-looking spectacles will become a perfect way to satisfy your desires.

If you are going to create a list of men's must-haves, you'll definitely include at least one pair of glasses there. They are considered a basic accessory of any masculine wardrobe. Once we're done with the advantages of wearing sunglasses and eyeglasses, it makes sense to dive into the world of fashionable models and understand which pair is perfect for your unique personality. The assortment of eyewear offers many options depending on materials and a number of criteria such as shapes, colors, and styles - all of them are important to take into consideration to determine their suitability. Here, you can find a selection of the most luxurious models crafted from high-quality acetate, super strong metal, lightweight plastic, exclusive wood, and others.

Glasses are definitely necessary for any kind of men's activity whether it is a car or motorbike driving, walking, cycling, traveling the world, or having Friday night drinks in the pub with friends. They play an invaluable part in style creation - they are a key to finishing off a cool look. They help to create a manly, brutal and tempting image. Even a humble and indecisive man becomes more confident and charismatic just by putting on a pair of Aviator, Wayfarer, Square, Round or other types of specs. What can infatuate a woman more than a mesmerizing men's glance through slightly lowered sunglasses? It's a well-known fact that we all get intrigued if something is concealed from us or when we can observe only a part of the whole. Men in eyewear undoubtedly attract women with probable secrets they keep.

Wearing glasses even plays an important role in ladies' sensual desire. Guys in spectacles are pretty damn attractive! Probably the most alluring thing you can expect from a guy with sunglasses is the very moment when he slowly pulls them off to start studying you closely. A well-dressed and elegant man has more chances of winning a woman's heart. Surely, glasses are more than just a fashion statement. As we said, they are an indispensable protective device that helps to reduce eye strain and improve vision. Mirrored and polarized lenses can help cut out road glare and reflect light away from the eyes. This practical accessory can protect eyes from sun, sand, snow, and wind in dusty weather. They give protection from the harmful influence of all kinds of stuff, including sun rays and even dirt.

If you still need a reason to wear sunnies or optical frames more often, take a look at this one: they simply make your image individual and make your days unrepeatable as you can have different glasses for all occasions or coordinate one pair with various clothing styles! Man and spectacles - these two are linked to each other like fashion and style, fearlessness and manliness, personality and uniqueness. And no matter what look you are going to prefer - classic, fashionable, or casual, there's always a pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses that will make you look and feel great. At our store, we offer only 100% original and authentic eyewear from such world-known brands as Oakley, David Beckham, Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and many other respectable companies.