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Gucci Glasses and Eyewear

Gucci™ - GG1135S

$251.25 - $292.5

Gucci is one of the world-known Italian brands that don't need any presentation. A combination of unique style and luxurious details, fashion materials, and impressive look - all these descriptions are about a wide choice of Gucci eyeglasses and sunglasses in different shapes, including butterfly, narrow, oversized, oval, rectangle, sport, etc. Each unique frame manufactured by the famous Italian company is made in the best traditions of mastering, using high-quality materials, and paying meticulous attention to every detail.

Being one of the most popular fashion houses in the world, this company with its creative director Alessandro Michele represents top-rated and unique Gucci eyewear collections for women and men designed to those customers who value quality, charm, and extraordinarily. Luxury and sophisticated, Gucci glasses frames feature a wide selection of iconic shapes and new styles to make a fashion statement. Bold and eye-catching sunglasses and optical frames characterize the Gucci eyewear line for women when iconic and elegant styles are offered in the Gucci men's eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Show | Short Edit

Famous and rich, Gucci frames suit any modern women and men who are searching for impeccable and stylish accessories to complete their fashionable wardrobes. Gucci geometric eyeglasses will fit your image with a unique look and improve your vision, while Gucci round sunglasses will provide 100% protection from the harmful sun as well as fill your outfit with a touch of luxury and extravagance. Contemporary and distinctive, Gucci frames feature eye-catching embellishments and interesting shapes to provide wearers with durable and comfortable eyewear suitable for any occasion perfectly.

Discover our excellent assortment of Gucci glasses in various styles and Gucci sunglasses synonymous with sophistication and style, offered in a wide assortment of colors, like beige, silver, yellow, brown, blue, etc. Whether you are searching for a classic look, or want to make a statement, our virtual store offers a variety of Gucci frames for men and women crafted by the most skilled artisans from Italy. Luxury and 100% original spectacles from the current eyewear collection from Gucci will complete your look perfectly, delivering maximum comfort and satisfaction.


Gucci is a sign of superior products known by people all over the world for many years. It started from a company that created leather goods and developed as a famous brand that creates incredible collections of various products, including glorious sunglasses and eyeglasses. This is not just eyewear but it is a piece of art designed by the best masters of the fashion house. Gucci's tasteful frames that stand out from the crowd can be seen on many celebrities' faces in magazines, adverts, shows, and movies. The brand's logo of double G represents its founder's name taking it over years and makes a talented Guccio Gucci timeless.

Gucci Eyewear

With a variety of frame shapes and lenses, a trustworthy company produces not just glasses, but a unique accessory for confident, powerful, and stylish people who want to look charming, extraordinary, and opulent. Over years, the brand has become not only a recognizable symbol of vogue and luxury, but also a form of slang we can hear in a number of rappers and singers' tracks, including Lil Pump, Kanye West, and Cardi B. In their songs, the slang word means that something is going very well.


In 1921, an Italian fashion designer Guccio Gucci found his own label that became quite popular in our days. In the beginning, the brand was manufacturing luxury leather luggage and also equipment for horsemen. During the II World War, the company didn't get enough materials for production shoes, handbags, knitwear, and silk goods, and they started to use cotton for making products. In those times, the brand got its famous monogram formed from double G letters, and the recognizable red stripe bordered by two green stripes that became a well-known Gucci sign.

Gucci Frames

Since the 1950s, the company has been an outstanding success being a choice of Hollywood celebrities and wealthy customers who preferred excellent design and premium quality. In 1952, Guccio passed away but three sons, Rodolfo, Vasco, and Aldo, continued the business of their father. In the 1960s, the Italian manufacturer was making extravagant accessories, including jewelry, watches, and eyewear. In 1983, the son of Rodolfo, Maurizio got control of the family brand and he did his best to maintain the company's popularity and reputation: in those times, the brand got many problems due to family things, charges in evasion from taxes, and other unpleasant issues. Gucci hired Tom Ford in 1990 to take the position of the company's designer, and he played an important role in restoring the brand's identity, optimizing the whole production, and immobilizing the prosperity. Ford did a lot of things to reanimate the manufacturing, and 4 years later, he became a creative director of the company.

In 2004, the last collection of Tom Ford was introduced, and then the control of the successful brand was taken by Frida Giannini who became a designer of women's and men's wear collections, and held this position until 2014. In 2015, Alessandro Michele who already was working in the famous company for about 12 years, took control of the brand and became a creative director of Gucci. Michele has brought a new, extravagant style, combined with theatrical sumptuousness, and this attracted a lot of new customers. As a result, in 2017, the manufacturer has reached record sales, and the company's high efficiency continues to our days.