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Diesel Glasses and Eyewear

Diesel™ - DL5090

$115.5 - $115.5

Diesel™ - DL5179

$87.33 - $93.19

Diesel™ - DL5202

$115.5 - $115.5

Diesel™ - DL5240

$115.5 - $115.5

Diesel™ - DL5257

$110.91 - $120.24

Diesel™ - DL5275

$114.87 - $123.95

Diesel™ - DL5309

$108.22 - $108.22

Diesel™ - DL5334

$110.68 - $121.13

Diesel is an ambitious brand created by Renzo Rosso by rebranding the denim company Moltex in 1978 to make a truly authentic Italian brand. The company hasn't chased new trends and stood true to its roots to manufacture vintage jeans that looked worn. Being a leader in jeanswear production, the brand uses a retrospective approach and fills its clothes, accessories, and footwear for men and women with a spirit of passion and individuality. Diesel is a sign of rebels who ignore fashion forecasts and come with their unique products from creative and tasteful designers who inspire every item with inner power, uniqueness, and personal style. 

The advertising campaigns of Diesel do not introduce their collections directly but create the brand's message to represent the whole company as a manufacturer who stands out from the crowd and promotes self-expression, originality, and eye-catching style. One of the recent Diesel's messages is "Be Young and Stupid", and the meaning of this phrase is how the company has come to its current position: when Renzo Rosso took a "stupid" step to create a pair of jeans he wanted to have, and then he did another "stupid" step to sell those jeans to people. And here are how those few "stupid" things ended up creating a world-known company loved by millions of people all around the globe. Bold designs, bright colors, and individual images are the main characteristics of this celebrated Italian brand.


Being a well-known company all over the world, Diesel is a leader in denim and casual wear that became a great alternative to the luxury market. Its famed founder, Renzo Rosso, provided a philosophy of individuality, passion, and unique style created for modern people who prefer comfortable clothes and accessories spirited with a feeling of originality and power. The product line of the company goes far and apart from jeanswear, Diesel manufactures eyewear, fragrances, watches, and even helmets for bikers. Every item designed and manufactured by the world-known brand is filled with enthusiasm and fashionable character.

Created in collaboration with the legendary Marcolin Group, the eyewear collection impresses by its unconventional and bold spirit and iconic styles for dynamic and contemporary people. Cutting-edge forms combined with futuristic twists and sharp profiles add a new personality and innovative look. Interesting metal details, unusual frame shapes, and bold colors with neon accents give fresh combinations that express the brand's industrial spirit and casual look. Distinctive elements and striking pieces create a street-chic image from a celebrated Italian fashion company that works over 40 years to make impressive collections of accessories and clothes for modern men and women who prefer bold and unique outfits.


Being quite a famous Italian company, Diesel manufactures its jeans as well as other apparel for women, men, and kids. The founder of the company, Renzo Rosso was interested in fashion being a teenager when he and his friend sewed the first pair of jeans using the mother’s sewing machine.  

In 1978, Rosso started his work for a company Moltex owned by Adriano Goldschmied, and produced clothes. And after several years of working for this company, Renzo took a loan from his father and bought 40% holding in the brand which was changed to Diesel. The new company started to manufacture jeans, and later in 1985, Rosso bought out Goldschmied’s interest in the new brand name for $500,000 - of course, that was an expensive price but it was worth paying every cent!

Nowadays, Diesel has 12 licenses, 15 lines, 19 subsidiaries, and over 400 stores of the company situated in 80 countries all over the globe. It uses new technologies, creates new designs, and shapes the modern world of fashionable denim. In collaboration with the Italian brand Marcolin, Diesel created a dynamic collection of incredibly stylish and contemporary eyewear offered in a wide assortment of bold images and bright hues.