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Dragon Eyeglasses

Dragon™ - DR2021

$85.44 - $88.87

Dragon is a globally famous eyewear brand, founded by a creative and spirited person, Will Howard, who dared to be authentic, innovative and unique. The company has grown from a small surf town garage near the Capo Beach in California into a leading provider of exclusively crafted eyewear. Nowadays, Dragon is a home for boundary breakers, risk takers and change makers. The manufacturer is primarily focused on technical breakthroughs and game-changing innovations in eyewear: they were the first who presented clarity- and color-optimizing LUMALENS sun technology, H2O FLOATABLES sunglasses, the NFX frameless snow goggles, the PVX, the widest peripheral goggle on the market, as well as adaptive, all-terrain XP Cross-Performance eyewear.

Dragon optical collection is inspired by all forms of individuality and appeals to those people who appreciate expert craftsmanship and ground-breaking designs. The Blue Light collection offers eyeglasses that improve eye health by eliminating digital eye strain from Blue Light. The Upcycled collection includes frames made from single-use plastic bottles in order to keep harmful plastic away from our oceans and landfills. Another eco-friendly collection, Rob Machado Resin frames are constructed from sustainably grown castor beans, a cleaner alternative to classic petroleum-based products. Whichever pair of Dragon eyeglasses you choose, you're sure to look stylish and modern, while being sustainable and socially responsible.