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Face A Face Glasses and Eyewear

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Many times, a third party has tried to imitate the stylish and elegant Face A Face eyewear. This fact should strain consumers, but in some way, it may please, first of all, the brand itself. If you are imitated and falsified, then your products are very popular. In any case, customers and online marketplaces must be extremely careful not to purchase fake glasses. What is almost harmless in relation to clothes is very dangerous in relation to eyeglasses and sunglasses. Behind the visual appeal may be cheap, fragile, and environmentally unfriendly materials. Such frames break easily when exposed to external factors, irritate the skin, and can cause allergies. But that's not all. A pair of glasses is first of all comfort and safety.

Cheap sunglasses do not have reliable UV protection, so the wearer will have to pay for eye treatment as a result. That is why the Face A Face administration strongly recommends buying brand products in trusted places. EyeOns online store belongs to such places. It's about the highest level of craftsmanship, authentic materials, and trusted partners with whom we cooperate, say the competent representatives of Face A Face. The brand is a contemporary eyewear manufacturer from France that values its reputation very much. Clients are offered only high-quality and comfortable glasses made by experienced craftsmen and designers. But that's not all. Audacious design is the hallmark of this Parisian brand, born in the midst of artistic culture.

Face A Face

Paris is a city of contrasts. Here the first classification of human rights was born, which was included in all the constitutions of democratic states. But the capital of France has been and remains a treasury of refined luxury, which all the fashionistas of the world look at. These features are reflected in every pair of Face A Face eyewear. The glasses of this brand symbolize freedom of expression based on maximum comfort and the highest quality. This manufacturer masterfully balances the fine line between audacity and reverence, classics and extravagance. Face A Face collections strike a perfect combination of quality, function, and design. Each series is like a separate room in an art museum, with its own theme, mood, and zest.

The glasses of this brand are not only stylish and modern. They convey certain emotions, as happens with real works of art. Face A Face is more than just a manufacturer of quality goods. It's a reflection of the best the world can please a person. Each frame is a handcrafted masterpiece that goes beyond comfortable stereotypes. This has been the guiding line since our founding, says Pascal Jaulent, creative director of the brand. As unflagging interest in the French lifestyle shows, comfort beyond the usual stereotypes is liked by modern fashionistas on all continents. Face A Face offers impeccable quality, comfort, and an independent view of the world and environment. In addition, this brand is still at the cutting edge.


The comfort of wearing glasses for a Frenchman means the best in optical care and sun protection. Face A Face closely follows the latest discoveries in medicine and technology. Many of them are made in France, but this is no reason to ignore foreign achievements. The designers of the famous French brand are convinced of this, which resonates in the hearts of millions of adherents of absolute comfort around the world. Face A Face glasses are not easy to buy. Only the finest optical boutiques in friendly countries can count on cooperation. The best advertising is brand reputation, says Pascal Jaulent. The French manufacturer works for the most discerning clientele, offering extraordinary capsule frames and sunglasses with highly provocative contours.

About Face A Face

Like true French artists, Face A Face designers are inspired by the expressive palette of Gauguin and Matisse. They love their playful and breathtaking green accents, mystical blues, and exuberant reds, which are fervent and lush, like tropical woods. Face A Face vies with Emanuel Khanh to be the avant-garde of French optical fashion while keeping up with the masculine style of Oliver Peoples eyewear for men. This is a really bold brand that offers frame temples turned into slender female legs and end tips fashioned into stylish footwear. The French know how to enjoy the gifts of life and give this art to others. Elegance can be shocking, but beauty must be individual. This is the philosophy of the brand, which is embodied in every pair of stylish and elegant Face A Face eyewear.


Face A Face is a cutting-edge eyewear company launched in 1995 in Paris. Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth, and Alyson Magee, the founders of the brand, were young, energetic, and creative. They wanted to change the world for the better, and they succeeded. France does not trade in raw materials or human resources. It sells a beautiful life and sophisticated luxury. In 2015, Face A Face relocated its headquarters to Denmark, demonstrating international recognition. The French company has offices in San Francisco and other metropolitan areas around the world. But the creative heart of the brand beats in Paris, in time with it and in unison with the French spirit. This is what happens to Catherine Deneuve, Courrèges, Givenchy, and other French companies.

History of Face A Face

France has a lot to say to the world. It has become a good tradition to share secrets with reliable partners. Face A Face today has factories not only in France but also in Italy and Japan. These two countries were not chosen by chance. They are centers of original cultural traditions, including traditions of craftsmanship. The brand offers a wide range of original designs, shapes, and shades for all tastes and aesthetic preferences. But above all, Face A Face offers perfect comfort and the refined luxury of enjoying every object, every accessory, and every moment of life. Happiness is not a gift from heaven, but an art. One can learn it by touching the masterpieces produced by the best craftsmen and designers. Today it is available.