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Gucci 2020 Eyewear Collection

Gucci™ - GG0061S

$348.75 - $360.00

Gucci™ - GG0278O

$292.50 - $303.75

Gucci™ - GG0372O

$251.25 - $262.50

Gucci™ - GG0373O

$251.25 - $262.50

Gucci™ - GG0644S

$510.00 - $521.25

Gucci™ - GG0648OA

$378.75 - $390.00

Gucci™ - GG0672S

$360.00 - $371.25

Gucci™ - GG0673S

$371.25 - $412.50

Gucci™ - GG0681O

$348.75 - $360.00

Gucci™ - GG0687S

$303.75 - $371.25

Gucci™ - GG0688S

$292.50 - $303.75

Nowadays, eyewear is an indubitable element of fashion. Spectacles combine performance and style in one package. They are not only functional, but also can be used to upgrade any outfit in different ways. With more and more creative designers entering the eyewear industry, the variety of frame styles, shapes, sizes and designs available today is expanding constantly. We are here for you not to confuse with the kaleidoscope of colors and designs offered these days, especially given that 2020 was a big year for eyewear. From timeless aviators and bold transparent frames to oversized granny glasses and sophisticated metal spectacles, we've handpicked the coolest pieces that were in trend in 2020.

Gucci has always been at the forefront of the industry, creating one-of-a-kind glasses that are equally fashionable and functional. Known for its careful attention to the tiniest detail, the manufacturer provides eyewear which is accurate, durable, comfortable, and extremely stylish! The Gucci latest collections are no exception. In 2020, the brand has secured top spot once again, expanding its product line with new dazzling models. Ageless aviators, intriguing rectangles, timeless ovals and many more eye-catching styles were presented to the world. Browse the exclusive Gucci collections to find that one-and-only pair of glasses that will make you LOVE going out and never hide.