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Gucci 2023 Eyewear Collection

Gucci™ - GG1188S

$371.25 - $412.50

Gucci™ - GG1220S

$390.00 - $412.50

Gucci™ - GG1221S

$390.00 - $412.50

Gucci clothes and accessories are designed for people with good taste who appreciate sophisticated luxury and maximum comfort. In the mid-60s of the last century, this Italian brand surprised fashionistas around the world with bold and extraordinary solutions for clothes, shoes, handbags, and other leather products. Gucci became associated with famous film actors and political figures. The extravagant clothes of the fashion brand were worn by such Hollywood stars as Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn. Each next Gucci eyewear collection is a big event in the world of luxury. Time and again, the designers of the fashion house surprise the world with a variety of designs and creative solutions. The upcoming Gucci 2023 Eyewear Collection will not disappoint fans of stylish and modern accessories.

Gucci 2023 Eyewear Collection

With this new collection, Gucci has remained true to itself, offering its followers a wide range of lens sizes, from the elegant pair of GG1222O eyeglasses (lens width 48 mm) to the massive GG1370S sunglasses (lens width 99 mm). This Italian brand has gained wide popularity thanks to a wide variety of bold and interesting offers. Wearing corrective frames has become even more prestigious and fashionable. Stylish and modern eyeglasses are associated with intelligence and good taste. Gucci pays great attention to the quality of materials, offering its fans a large selection of metal and plastic frames. All materials used are environmentally friendly, that is, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Surprising the world with non-trivial solutions, Gucci does not forget about comfort.

Gucci Eyewear

What makes many celebrities fall in love with this brand's sunglasses? In addition to high quality, every pair of Gucci exudes style and class. Timeless Aviators are back in the fashion spotlight with the intriguing and original GG0981S. These sunglasses for men feature an eye-catching combination of silver frame and yellow lens finish. The temples of the model are painted in yellow and silver shades, corresponding to the silver of the full rim and the yellow color of the lens. This accessory is sure to please gentlemen with an extraordinary style of thinking and the desire to protect their privacy. With its 2023 Eyewear Collection, Gucci continues to break down barriers with fresh interpretations of classic shapes.

Gucci Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The massive Wayfarer GG1239S sunglasses will appeal to motorcyclists, cyclists, and those gentlemen who are tired of dropping their goggles with every sudden movement. The model is equipped with an elastic orange strap that keeps the frame on the nose during the most incredible somersaults. Now one can allow oneself any dizzying stunts without fear of losing protection from the sun and blinding glare. The lenses of these glasses shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and UV filters and anti-reflective coating meet strict international standards, which is typical of any Gucci sunglasses. The search for new solutions concerns both wearing comfort and improving eye safety. These indicators are increased in the new collection of the brand.

Beautiful ladies will not be disappointed with the Gucci 2023 Eyewear Collection. The elegant full-rim model GG1189S is designed for successful and self-confident women who know their worth. With a lens width of 58 mm and a frame width of 148 mm, these Aviator sunglasses will fit most women's face types. The model is presented in several shades of acetate frames, including intriguing Violet and exotic Havana. Gucci accessories from the new collection are traditionally packaged in vintage cases in different colors and marked with the company logo on the left temple. The fashion world shuddered slightly as Gucci once again stepped over the horizon, opening up new prospects for the development of good taste. Looking forward to it!