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Moncler Glasses and Eyewear

Moncler™ - ML0051 Mask


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A famed Italian brand Moncler was founded in 1952 by two entrepreneurs who were producing sleeping bags and tents with an external flysheet. At the very beginning, down jackets were made by this company to protect its workers from cold on the small factory in mountains, and this is how the manufacture of famous down jackets by Moncler was started. With over sixty years of bright history, the company designs versatile and innovative products of excellent quality and durability that remain timeless. Every product is filled with spirit and love for nature and sport, marked by a celebrated elegance and excellent style.  

Moncler is a brand that always stands out for its unique and innovative technologies in manufacturing, selecting the best materials for its collections. The company’s success is based on a consistent strategy that develops new products strongly connected to the brand’s history. Creativity, heritage, originality, novelty, and excellence are the synonyms of the concept of the luxury of Moncler. Every product made by this Italian company is made to meet the customer’s needs and provide maximum comfort as well as give a stylish and fashionable look. Apart from clothes and shoe collections for women, men, and kids, the brand manufactures extraordinary and bold eyewear for everyday wearing.


A famous Italian company that works for over sixty years on the market, Moncler knows how to stay warm when the weather is cold. This brand is celebrated with its packaway hooded styles and puffer jackets that are made to give great comfort, super warmth, and an excellent look even throughout unpredictable climes. The manufacturer who took its name from a village in the Alps started the production of quilted sleeping bags, tents, and cagoules, and the first quilted jacket was made for the company's local workers. Since those times, Moncler has become a lux winter brand favored by many celebrities, including Victoria Beckham and Reese Witherspoon.

In collaboration with the Marcolin Group, Moncler creates eyewear collections that feature excellent quality, impressive style, and comfort for everyday wearing. Classic, retro shaped, vintage, sporty, and even ski-style frames are made for those people who prefer bold ultra-luxury glasses to fit their image. Manufactured in the best traditions of the brand, every pair of sophisticated eyewear is offered in a wide selection of bright colors. The connoisseurs of Moncler can choose from three different lines that include classic, sport, and duvet frames to fit any customer’s taste. This is not just glasses but an excellent accessory to emphasize the individuality and wonderful taste in modern fashion. 


The well-known brand got its name from an abbreviation of a village Monestier-de-Clermont, and their first jackets were made to protect workers in the mountains from snow and cold. The French maintainer Lionel Terray was the first person who understood the potential in these jackets, and in 1954, the Italian expedition to K2 was equipped with quilted jackets manufactured by Moncler. 

The company also equipped other expeditions: the French expedition in 1955 and several expeditions in Alaska which were organized in 1964 by L. Terray. In 1968, at the Grenoble Winter Olympics, Moncler officially supplied the French national skiing team.

In 2013, the brand was bought by the Italian businessman Remo Ruffini who introduced the new strategy of the quilted jacket. Apart from famous jackets, the company offers high-quality collections of winter clothes, accessories, and shoes for men, women, and kids. And in 2015, Moncler signed a contract with Marcolin Group for designing and producing functional and top-rated eyewear collections offered for men and women. In February 2018, the company started its new project called Moncler Genius - it’s a creative business model that invites famed designers to make sophisticated collections that interpret the brand’s individuality and are created every month.