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Otis and Piper Eyeglasses

Owned by the well-known eyewear company Altair, the optical brand Otis and Piper offers fashionable and high-quality eyeglasses in solid neutral tones as well as eye-catching prints. Otis and Piper specializes in the production of budget-friendly and eye-catching eyeglasses for kids of any age, from infants to teens. The most popular frame sold by this company is small rectangular spectacles popular in the mid-2000s. Being a well-known optical brand, Otis and Piper uses experienced craftsmanship and the latest techniques to design top-rated eyewear in a wide selection of attractive colors and interesting shapes to match any taste. 

If you are searching for durable and lightweight optical glasses at an affordable price, pay attention to Otis and Piper eyewear collections designed especially for kids and teens. Eyeglasses from this brand feature amazing colors, fashionable shapes, and unparalleled comfort even for everyday wearing. Crafted from sturdy and weightless materials like metal and acetate, spectacles from Otis and Piper are the best selection for those people who need to wear glasses all time. Our optical store offers a great variety of stylish and fully-functional Otis and Piper eyeglasses from the latest collections at an acceptable price.