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Pure Glasses and Eyewear


The story of Pure is about minimalism and the newest in optical fashion. The brand was created in 2010 by Ira Lerner who worked with patented technology and intellectual property rights for more than 30 years, beginning with trademarks in advertising.
From his youth Lerner was interested in both art and science. He worked as a photographer in National Geographic magazine and later opened his advertising agency. Among his clients were such major fashion and cosmetic brands as Calvin Klein and Revlon, and several leading eyewear companies. The work in the fashion industry was a good experience which was followed by cooperation with the company Marchon, for which he created Flexon and CFG advertising campaigns.

In 2007 Lerner formed ISL Technologies, LLC which focused on representing inventors in the eyewear industry and after 3 years he debuted with a collection of glasses under his own brand with the name Pure. Pure offers new high-end inventions including Marchon’s Airlock technology as well as frame construction without any screws or hinges resulting in absolutely stunning minimalist rimless eyewear. Pure’s revolutionary innovation features a signature wire made of Xanadium™, a proprietary, high-performance alloy. Along with this ground-breaking material, titanium and high-quality plastic are used to present delicate weightless eyewear silhouettes which allow to effortlessly make a sleek modern look.


This year Marchon announced its new proprietary brand Pure offering luxury eyewear from 2010. The founder of this optical brand, Ira Lerner, is a true professional with more than 20 years' experience in eyewear, fashion and cosmetics industries. Ira Lerner initially focused on the arts, with an interest in photography and technology. Studying fine arts and photography in college, he became the youngest photographer to work with National Geographic and later became a fashion photographer, opening his own advertising agency associated with the fashion industry. Thus Lerner was involved in advertising campaigns for Marchon Eyewear launching the Flexon and CFG brands.

An immersion in eyeglass design and technology was the result of the founding of ISL (Ira Stephen Lerner) Technologies, LLC., which then led to the launch of the new Pure brand. The brand offers gorgeous, unprecedented minimalist pieces of modern eyewear made of the lightest and finest materials, designed with the latest innovative technologies for those who value sophisticated elegance in their image and prefer to be different, choosing only the best and unique from the modern.


Pure Eyewear luxury eyewear brand appeared in 2010 and was founded by a veteran of the optical industry Ira Lerner, whose activity, according to him, for a long time revolved between art and technology, and it was glasses that were the connecting thread between these two worlds. His interest in technology and art led him to photography - Lerner was the youngest photographer to work for National Geographic magazine and later became a fashion photographer in New York, creating his own advertising agency. Working with several leading eyewear companies gave Lerner the experience he needed and pushed him to delve deeper into the eyewear design and manufacturing process. He opens ISL (Ira Stephen Lerner) Technologies, LLC., Which helps represent inventors in the eyewear industry, including creators of frame and lens technologies, software technologies, and all eyewear-related technologies. In 1994, Lerner revolutionized the Takumi, an ophthalmic frame with sun protection lenses, where the clips were replaced by magnets. 

One of the recent inventions of ISL Technologies' is Pure Eyewear. Lerner believes that the approach to frames that is at the heart of Pure Eyewear will completely change the way we understand eyewear. The material chosen is a proprietary, high-performance alloy, Xanadium, which has a friendly memory, is easier to adjust than titanium, and is corrosion and acid-resistant. Thousands of dollars were also spent to purchase the necessary equipment to work with this innovative material. The result was the debut collection of rimless glasses, made from a single strand of Xanadium, without screws or even nose pads on some models. The glasses were so weightless that they were easy to forget, and the design exceeded all the expectations of fans of innovative and stylish optics.