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Salvatore Ferragamo Glasses and Eyewear

The story of a luxury Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo started in 1919 in California as a little workshop for the creation and repair of shoes. When the founder returned in 1927 to Florence, the company was already known abroad and was ready to start its work in Italy, and Ferragamo opened his stores in Rome and London. Being a leader in shoemaking, the brand uses its basic principles in creativity, elegance, and craftsmanship to make a variety of other products, including an exclusive eyewear collection. Filled with iconic details, refined glasses are manufactured by the best masters using innovative techniques and combining the brand’s heritage with modern ideas.

Today, this is an internationally well-known company that offers opulent collections of men’s and women’s shoes, clothes, fragrances, bags, watches, and eyewear. Every product from the brand is characterized by an impressive design, excellent fit, and superior materials and fabrics. Salvatore Ferragamo is a great empire of luxury goods with a wide assortment of high-quality and comfortable products to create an individual image and emphasize elegant style for both women and men. The brand’s global presence includes over 580 Ferragamo stores in about 100 countries that distribute popular products from the famous company every day.  


Salvatore Ferragamo began his long way as a shoe designer becoming a journeyman to a shoemaker, and later, he opened a repair and made-to-measure shop of shoes in Bonito and Santa Barbara. A famed brand under the founder’s name was launched in 1927 and became a world-leading designer, producer, and distributor of opulent shoes, fragrances, apparel, and accessories for women and men. Innovation and exclusivity, great attention to detail and creativity, uniqueness and stylish looks - these are the main characteristics of every product manufactured by a well-known Italian company. Its experienced masters use craftwork traditions to make well-recognizable authentic items of premium quality.

The company’s product range includes a dramatic glasses collection manufactured in a partnership with Marchon Eyewear. Inspired by the best traditions from the Italian fashion house, each pair of exclusive sunglasses and eyeglasses reflect a creative and impressive style that makes the owner stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the precise choice of colors and a great combination of materials and embellishments, Salvatore Ferragamo glasses are the perfect accessories for those people who prefer a luxury look and uniqueness. Following its heritage, the brand maintains the superior quality of every item by constantly making wise investments in research, innovation, new technology, and production. 


A famous fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo was launched in Florence by its creator in 1927 as a shoe-making company with the well-known logo that appeared on every product. The brand was growing significantly, and in 1938, Salvatore acquired the Palazzo Spini Feroni as the headquarters of his company in Florence. In the early 50s, the logo of the beans was restyled a little with more lightened contrast of white and black colors and adding the name of the famous designer. 

In 1958, the well-recognizable “hook” logo appeared on the purses, and even if it wasn’t the official logotype, it appeared on many products; according to the legend, Salvatore was inspired by the gate of Palazzo Spini Feroni and created this sign.

In 1960, the great founder died, and the brand got the new logo with the signature of Ferragamo. The company’s key roles were covered by the wife of the designer and their six children. In 1982, the signature was restyled: the first letter was used as an embellishment to decorate some clothes and also became a name for an Italian perfume offered by the brand. In the early 2000s, Salvatore Ferragamo continued to make top-rated products from high-quality materials following the newest standards.