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Zeiss Glasses and Eyewear

Being an international technology enterprise, ZEISS mostly operates in optoelectronics and optics. This powerful company with wide experience develops, makes, and sells the newest solutions for various fields, including microscopy solutions for science and medical solutions for ophthalmology. ZEISS is also the leading worldwide lithography optics manufacturer for the chip industry and semiconductors. Apart from this, ZEISS produces a range of various lenses, including binoculars, eyeglasses, and cameras. This innovative company helps to develop modern technologies, make investments in important research, and create new solutions for different fields, including the world of optics.


ZEISS Vision Care is a famous company that creates instruments for ophthalmology and lenses for glasses. This unit develops and creates offerings for the eyewear chain distributed worldwide under the ZEISS label. In cooperation with Marchon Eyewear, which is known as the leader in eyewear manufacturing, ZEISS Vision Care designs and makes impressive and exclusive collections of durable and fully-functional eyewear for modern people who prefer high-quality and stylish spectacles. Unique frames are crafted from ultra-lightweight materials like titanium and HD acetate and are available worldwide under Altair's portfolio, a division brand of Marchon Eyewear.


Altair Eyewear is a famous company that creates excellent collections of eyewear for modern people who prefer versatile and comfortable frames. This brand includes many proprietary labels in its portfolio like Draper James, Kilter, Sunlites, Spyder, C by L’Amy, bebe, ZEISS, and many others. As for ZEISS, it creates stylish collections of optical frames in cooperation with Marchon Eyewear known all over the world for its professionalism and great experience in eyewear manufacturing. Only high-quality standards and the newest technologies are used by ZEISS to design and manufacture weightless and comfortable optical glasses ideal for everyday wearing.

About Zeiss

The collection of ZEISS eyewear can be divided into three different lines with various designs and features. For example, the ZEISS ESSENTIALS line is inspired by the company’s core elements and includes simple and comfortable spectacles. The ZEISS PIONEER line represents innovative technologies and includes frames with clean and simple lines made from transparent materials. The third line ZEISS BEYOND is inspired by development and research, resulting in eye-catching silhouettes with technical features and precise details. ZEISS uses only top-rated materials like HD acetate, titanium, and beta-titanium to manufacture its impressive and weightless collections of glasses designed with meticulous attention to every detail.


ZEISS is a technology brand that works mostly in the optronics and optics spheres. This company has more than 32,000 employees and cooperates worldwide with more than 50 countries. Launched in Jena in 1846, this German brand is headquartered in Oberkochen. In 2020, ZEISS got revenue of €6.3 billion from four segments of the company’s business: medical technology, semiconductor production, industrial research, and product quality. In 2021, ZEISS and Marchon announced a long-term agreement for the eyeglasses and sunglasses lines of Zeiss Vision Care distributed in the United States under Altair, the well-known division of Marchon Eyewear.

History of Zeiss

The very first collection from ZEISS and Marchon was launched in autumn 2021 as a capsule line that included nine men’s eyeglasses crafted from top-rated and weightless materials like titanium. These models were available only in the USA, and wearers could get them through Altair retail distribution network. The collection for Spring/Summer 2022 includes eye-catching and simple models designed for modern and stylish people who prefer traditional lines and classic shapes. ZEISS is a brand that pays enormous attention to quality and durability, that’s why every pair of glasses from this company will provide excellent fit, full functionality, and unmatched comfort.