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Products: 124 of 449

Alexander McQueen is a famous English fashion designer who became head designer of the Givenchy fashion line owned by the Louis Vuitton company. Later, he started to produce his own line of menswear that became popular and resulted in a wide assortment of women and men clothes, watches, handbags, coats, shoes, and various accessories, including eyewear. Nowadays, it's a worldwide recognized brand known by its creative images, impressive style, and vivid collections made with attention to every detail and using the best materials to create eye-catchy images. 

The main inspiration of the fashion design house is a devotedness to British history and a true love of nature that helps to develop the best traditions of craftsmanship. The culture of this brand is built on a composition of contrast elements: strength and weakness, contemporaneity and old habits, smoothness and rigidity. Every collection is made with a passionate and quite emotional viewpoint to emphasize a perfect design in the tiniest piece. The quaintness of lines and top-quality materials attract customers who prefer extravagant looks of the popular brand as well as McQ, the higher-end modern line that also represents the most exquisite clothes and bright accessories.


Alexander McQueen is a quite famous brand known by people for its innovative creativity and uncompromising designs of superior collections of distinctive clothes and fashion accessories. The company that uses unusual images and extraordinary details in production was founded in 1992, and later in 2001, it joined the legendary Kering Group to manufacture even more inspired experimental assortments that lead it to more success and notoriety. This brand's main culture is a confrontation between the masculine and the feminine, frailness and power, love and revolt, human and device, that takes place in vivid styles and exclusive elements.

With a perfect eyewear collection from Alexander McQueen fashion house, even the most demandable clients can find their pair of glasses to complete the whole image with a spirit of individuality and even shocking look. Men's glasses surprise with metal studs and overlays placed at the temples to create an unusual and stunning look. Women's collection includes various forms and styles, including cat-eye, round, and oversize glasses featured with crystals and other notable accents.


In 1992, his well-known brand was created by Lee Alexander McQueen, and even in less than ten years, it became a quite popular company in the world. In the beginning, it produced clothing for men but over time, its vivid collections included lines for both men and women as well as great accessories: luxury watches, shoes, handbags, wallets, and glasses. The dramatic look of products became a visit card of McQueen, inspiring the author for the newest and more daring images.

The history of the brand is filled with tragedy: in 2010, his creator committed suicide just after his mother passed away, and the company got a new creative director, Sarah Burton. This talented woman already worked in the team for more than 10 years, and she showed herself as a quite experienced designer in April 2011 when she was making the dress for the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge with Prince William.

Thanks to Burton's work, the brand started to make wonderful collections with a focus on quality, technical experience, and British traditions. At the end of 2011, she got the Designer of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards. In our days, Sarah is a supervisor of the development and creative direction of the company's collections that include clothes and accessories for men and women as well as its new line McQ which also produces contemporary and luxury collections.