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Altair Glasses and Eyewear

Altair™ - A4052

$82.43 - $86.29

Altair™ - A5024


$82.43 - $86.29

Altair™ - A5044

$82.43 - $86.29

Altair was created as a subsidiary of VSP Vision Care company in 1992 and became a division of Marchon Eyewear to provide customers with excellent quality and original designs of frames created by the most professional masters. With many refined brands like Tommy Bahama, JOE Joseph Abboud, Revlon, bebe, Anne Klein, Genesis, and others the company distributes its products through optical retailers and stores in the USA. Altair is famous thanks to its originality, premium quality, incredible innovations, and values the brand has developed to earn popularity all over the globe. The brand uses durable and lightweight materials to create elegant eyewear collections to satisfy customers’ needs and demands.

Altair Evolution is a collection that combines retro style with the cool and bright colors of California. Vintage tones and the finest materials are synonyms of the West Coast reflected in every pair of fashionable eyeglasses. A wide choice of frames, from trendy and oversized, to cat-eye silhouettes brings back retro frames with a modern style, inspired by Californian life. The glasses from Altair can be easily recognized thanks to the unique custom rivet design that gives accessories their own special look. A manufacturer uses an interesting mix of vivid colors that include tortoise and bright tones to create a bright West Coast vibe.


Altair Eyewear was formed in 1992 as a subsidiary of the VSP company to sell original frames to its network of doctors. The new brand became a division of Marchon Eyewear with headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California with Steve Wright as the President of the company. The main goal of the brand is to create superior glasses using technical innovations and signature details to provide customers with unrivaled comfort and elegance with custom colors and iconic accents. The company always remains true to its original philosophy that includes originality, new technologies, quality, and values that made Altair world-recognizable and a famous brand. 

Altair has made the way from an optical design company to the current position, becoming one of the world’s leaders in eyewear manufacturing. This brand is characterized by meticulous attention to production, qualified masters, and many years of experience in creating excellent frames. Each pair of glasses is crafted using durable materials, including premium acetate, ultralight stainless steel, and titanium. All the lenses offered by the well-known manufacturer are resistant to scratches and coated with special treatments to reduce reflections. Being a premium eyewear designer, the company offers unmatched quality, excellent functionality, and great comfort for customers.


Altair Eyewear company was launched in 1992 and includes well-known optical brands like bebe, Cole Haan, Anne Klein, Joseph Abboud, Tommy Bahama, Revlon, Calvin Klein Jeans, Spyder, and others. Being a division of a world-known brand Marchon, this company is also included in the VSP group of brands that provide vision services to customers. The company sells its products through more than 10,000 optical retailers all over the globe. 

In 2016, the brand introduced its Genesis collection that included 4 trendy frames that reflected spring in its floral patterns for women and classic simple silhouettes for men. This elegant and stylish assortment features excellent designs and bright colors. In 2018, Altair and bebe brand that produces a sophisticated line of apparel and accessories for women signed a renewal of their licensing agreement for the design, manufacturing, and selling of optical and sunglass frames under the name of bebe company. In 2019, Altair Eyewear and ABG announced an eyewear licensing agreement for the Spyder brand that produces lifestyle clothes and accessories for women, men, and kids, about developing a new collection under the Spyder name that will be designed following the brand’s aesthetic and traditions. 

Altair Eyewear continues to add new brands to its portfolio, and in 2020, the company announced Lenton & Rusby as a new company in their list of brands. A new collection under this name includes budget-friendly modern frames crafted by the experienced masters.