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Bally Glasses and Eyewear

Bally™ - BY0090-D


$173.44 - $200.57

Bally™ - BY5043

$94.16 - $120.67

Bally is named after its founder, Carl Franz Bally, a Swiss entrepreneur of the nineteenth century. The story begins back in 1847, when Mr. Bally founded a garter and stocking factory. However, the factory did not work with such an assortment for long - after a short time, his factory switched exclusively to the production of footwear. Just a few years later, the company established itself as a manufacturer of exceptionally high-quality and truly luxurious footwear in the European market. For the production of shoes, they took the best quality leather, and to make it a little cheaper, Carl Franz invented inserts from a red and white elastic band, which later became a distinctive element of Bally products.

Since the middle of the last century, the Bally company has added to its range of products various accessories, including wallets, purses and bags. In the 50s of the last century, the founder's grandson expanded the range of the brand and launched the famous Scribe shoe line, which is made to order in one piece. To this day, Bally has exclusive design services which is an expensive but extremely demanded pleasure for the powerful and wealthy of this world. The company also produces eyewear collections, for which the designers use the aesthetic principles and the brand's iconic details.

Bally products are mainly focused on successful and wealthy people. However, if earlier it was believed that only people over 40 can afford Bally branded products, now they can increasingly be found on people under 30, because the company is increasingly focusing on the youth direction. Despite the fact that Bally also produces clothing collections, the main focus is on shoes, bags and accessories, which includes sunglasses and frames. Centuries-old traditions of creating these items have allowed the designers to accumulate the best methods of leather processing and construction of each element of a particular item. A hallmark of Bally is the use of bright colors such as red or blue. For a more understated style, vintage horn-rimmed frames or thin metal temples appeal in the collections.

To create a collection of glasses, Bally entered into an agreement with the international group TWC L'Amy.  Bally Creative Directors Mikael Herz and Graeme Fiedler collaborated with the group's design team to draw on the aesthetic principles of Bally's accessories and ready-to-wear, while the Swiss brand's signature details - the red and white stripe, the mountain goat, the Bally crest and the letter "B" - are incorporated into the  optic collection. The Swiss fashion house Bally is a favorite among top celebrities and fashionistas all over the world. The Bally eyewear collection is impeccable down to the smallest detail. The ability to clearly see the world is achieved through superior optical lenses that protect the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


The Bally brand is one of the oldest luxury brands in the world. Recognized around the world for its ‘Swiss Made’ quality and contemporary style, Bally has been making exquisite leather goods for over 160 years. The history of the brand began in 1851 with a workshop where Carl Franz Bally, together with his brother, produced belts and elastic bands. A little later, a trial collection of luxury men's boots designed for very wealthy buyers was released. For the production, they took the highest quality leather and, in order to slightly reduce the cost of production of products, it was decided to use inserts from a red and white elastic band, which later became a distinctive feature of Bally. 

Products under the Bally brand have become very popular not only in Switzerland, but also far beyond its borders. So, at the end of the 70s of the 19th century, shoes and boots with elastic inserts were sold in the most fashionable stores in Buenos Aires, Paris, Rome, Berlin and then in other large cities around the world. Currently, in addition to shoes, bags and leather accessories, the company produces exclusive men's and women's clothing and eyewear, designed in a classic business style for elite customers.  


Bally is one of the most famous manufacturers of luxury footwear, ready-to-wear and quality accessories including eyewear. After 160 years of history, the brand's products are still famous for their sophisticated style and unsurpassed quality in every stroke.

The Swiss fashion house Bally was founded by Carl Franz Bally in Schönenwerde (Switzerland) in 1851. From the very beginning, the company was famous for innovative technologies, remarkable craftsmen and the highest quality shoes. In 1860, the company could already boast of large-scale production and an impeccable reputation. By that time more than half a thousand workers worked at the shoe factory. In 1899, after the death of the founder, the business passed to his sons. They significantly expanded the production of footwear, and began to use advertising for the brand promotion. After the global economic crisis that broke out in the thirties, and the World War that followed, the business of the factory began to decline. Branches of the company had to be closed and the total production of footwear decreased three times.

In the fifties, the founder's grandson decided to return to the origins of production, setting up the manufacture of shoes by hand - this is how the Scribe shoe line was born, which is popular to this day. Today thanks to computer technology, now the buyer can independently model their shoes and order their production from the leading specialists of the Bally fashion house. Not everyone can afford such a purchase, because a pair of ordinary shoes often costs several thousand dollars.