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Barton Perreira Butterfly Eyeglasses

Established in 2007 by two eyewear legends, Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, the exclusive American brand has started its journey with a single idea of creating exceptional eyewear pieces without compromise. Each and every pair of prescription glasses by Barton Perreira is a real work of art that allows their wearer to be appropriate and sophisticated for a variety of occasions. The brand’s skilled artisans have a deep passion for superb craftsmanship, which makes their eyewear pieces beyond exceptional. 

Barton Perreira is famous for its hypnotic, curvy silhouettes designed to evoke a vintage sensibility. Here, we’ve collected the most opulent butterfly frames from the renowned brand for you to pick over the best from the rest. Beautifully designed in the brand’s signature polished acetate or ultra-lightweight metal with exquisite filigree detailing, these frames are sure to capture attention. Check over our selection of beautiful butterfly eyeglasses from Barton Perreira and choose a pair that will keep a little mystery and will look contemporary and creative.