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Barton Perreira Round Eyeglasses

A symbol of excellence and unparalleled quality, Barton Perreira is an American luxury eyewear brand established by two innovators in 2007 to cultivate casual California luxury, unmatched craftsmanship, and high-end Japanese materials. The best thing about Barton Perreira is that its founders see things differently, producing nothing less than the finest eyewear in the world. Guided by the principle to always craft with intention, Barton Perreira offers a thoughtfully curated collection of premium-quality eyeglasses available in timeless classic styles that will add flair and sophistication to any wardrobe.

Actually, there are a few eyewear brands that succeed with all models in their collections. Barton Perreira does! BP frames are not mass-produced; they are crafted in limited quantities, making each pair as unique as the wearer. Designed in California and built from the ground up in Japan, BP’s eyewear continues to make a tremendous impact on the fashion and eyewear industry. Barton Perreira frames are very popular among celebs; among a large number of famous faces wearing Barton Perreira are David Beckham, J Lo, Angelina Jolie, Snoop Dogg, Heidi Klum, Brad Pitt, and others. Join the millions of Barton Perreira fans and enjoy every detail of BP glasses! Take your time to explore our exclusive collection of BP round eyeglasses and choose your perfect pair that is sure to become your favorite.