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Barton Perreira Butterfly Sunglasses

Distinguished for its passionate and sustained attention to the smallest detail, Barton Perreira brings to life incredible eyewear pieces, perfectly sculptured and balanced with a dash of playfulness and rebellion. Born out of independence and intuition in 2007 by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, the namesake eyewear brand has quickly become popular among sophisticated men and women with the ultimate sense of style and elegance. Each and every silhouette amazes with its shape and intricate details.

Butterfly sunglasses are one of the most favorite styles of women because of their sophisticated and feminine lines. On this page, we’ve collected the hottest butterfly frames from Barton Perreira that feature eye-catching designs filled with intrigue and fascination. Offered in an array of beautiful color combinations, these sunglasses are must-haves for this summer season. Each frame is masterfully finished with sophisticated details and hand-engraved filigree accents.